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The SF-B1714 evolution pro indoor cycling bike is a top-selling indoor bike from Sunny Health and Fitness. Is it truly one of the best? Are all the top reviews it gets on Amazon and elsewhere justified? Let us find out.

First, if you are looking to invest in home fitness equipment because you want to maintain your fitness, or you want to increase your fitness levels, it is commendable. Notably, during the current time of staying at home restrictions, it is a great idea to get some physical activity daily. Daily exercise has been found to be a great source of happiness.

There aren’t too many things that you can do for your brain or body that have such a positive impact and immediately also. These benefits tend to last longer than temporary happiness from a bowl of ice cream. I am just kidding. There is no question about the health benefits of exercise, period.


Simply moving your body, has immediate, long-lasting, and protective benefits for your brain and body.

TED talk by Wendy Suzuki, a Professor of Neural Science and Psychology in the Center for Neural Science at New York University

An indoor exercise bike is an excellent choice to get that dose of daily exercise. Especially if you are staying home all day due to the current situation outside with the COVID-19. Of course, there are other options such as home gyms, elliptical cross trainers.

Exercise bikes are compact, easy to set up in a room or the corner of the living room, even easy to move them out of sight after the workout session. They are so quiet during the exercise session; you may even get your exercise done watching your favorite television show.

Other considerations for home gym fitness equipment could be elliptical cross trainer bikes. We have reviewed them here. Even in the exercise bikes category, Fitnessmasterly reviewed best foldable exercise bikes as well.

Today, I would like to review SF-B1714, which is the top-selling spin bike from Sunny bikes. They named it evolution pro indoor bike, in our research for this article, we found that its name is apt.

Our team wanted to bring a comprehensive review of SF-B1714 evolution pro magnetic belt drive indoor cycling bike to you. We wanted to find if this cycling bike gets rave reviews because it is truly a great bike. We achieved this by researching thoroughly, and by pouring through the reviewed from satisfied users and lastly by talking to actual users of this bike.

If you are in a hurry, the following is the SF-B1714 bike I will review today:


Main Features

SF-B1714 Evolution Pro Indoor Cycling Bike from Sunny Health & Fitness


Evolution Pro SF-B1714 (Click here for more images)

The SF-B1714 evolution pro indoor cycling bike comes with some of the best features that should cater well to all levels of cycling enthusiasts. Be it the performance, design, or some of the minute details that we will discuss below.

For this review, along with reviewing the specific features, I will also be mentioning why these features should be relevant to you and how Sunny Health & Fitness designed this bike with this importance in mind. This is important, especially when comparing SF-B1714 with other models such as SF-B1805 or ASUNA Lancer 7130, or any other comparable models in the market.



Do you want a ride that is as smooth as possible? Well, who doesn’t? How about speed and stability? Rest assured, you are covered.

Well, all the above would be a direct result of an excellently designed flywheel. A flywheel is the part of the bike that stores the kinetic energy (momentum). A key factor of keeping the rotational momentum efficiently is the mass of the rotating element and, in this case, the flywheel.

Flywheel of SF-B1714



SF -B1714 comes with a 44 lb flywheel. This flywheel is engineered for speed and stability. This design and mass will create the momentum required to go more extended periods and allows you to go the distance during your workout.

The flywheel of Sunny’s SF-B1714 evolution bike has received top marks for its design in making you feel like you are riding outdoors. You will not see any jerky, unexpected movements regardless of speed or chosen resistance level. This feeling was equally echoed by some of the users of SF-B1714 bike.

The flywheel is bi-directional. Meaning, you can pedal backward on this bike and thus exercise some specific muscles in your legs. However, take caution that you should not attempt to reverse the direction while the flywheel is already rotating in another direction. This could cause injury.

As in the usage of all fitness equipment, you have to be mindful of safety. Fortunately, SF-B1714 is designed with safety and stability in mind. SF-B1714 comes with a pushdown brake that you can use in an emergency to stop the rotating wheel immediately.


Sturdy Frame

The user weight limit is 330 lb on this bike. This is one of the highest limits available in the market. That means this bike can withstand even the heaviest of the users, and that is a good thing.

Main Features of SF-B1714


All Main Features of Evolution Pro (Click here for more images)

The SF-1714 bike features a heavy-duty frame made of steel. This frame also coated for anti-corrosion. The tubes are durable, and the design makes this bike sturdy and stable. You can use the four large foot levelers if you need to adjust for uneven floors. If you have any concerns about the frame design or its sturdiness, read the following review from Steve R. In Steve’s own words:

I’m 6’5″, 315 lb weight. I have the seat at max level height, and it’s about right. This thing is built like a rock. Quite stable while doing the exercise even vigorously. No wobble movements of any kind. Plus, the frame has a 3-yr warranty

Steve R.

This indoor bike SF-1714 is built for both the gentle beginner and the toughest of fitness riders.


Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

The SF-1714 features adjustable magnetic resistance. With so many types of fitness equipment in use today, the importance of magnetic resistance can not be understated.

Knob to micro-adjust the resistance on evolution pro bike


Adjustable Resistance

When increasing the pedal resistance, the magnets move closer to the flywheel, creating tension. Magnetic resistance is virtually no maintenance, and the resistance is easily adjustable.





Unlike brake pads, the magnets don’t touch the flywheel. Therefore, they don’t wear out and don’t make any noise. The resistance on Evolution Sunny Health and Fitness pro bike is adjustable through a knob, which also functions as an emergency brake. The magnets are large enough to create a challenging cycling workout for the elite as well as beginners.

Unlike achieving breaking by closing pads, the pedal resistance is accomplished by the magnets move to the flywheel creating the tension but not touching the flywheel itself.

This, in turn, results in less wear out and quiet rides. This resistance on SF-B1714 bike is adjustable via turning a knob. This knob also functions as an emergency brake when pushed down.

The magnets are big enough to provide you with all the resistance you would need for a challenging workout. This resistance is micro-adjustable. You should note that this resistance is not marked by any clicks or measuring (smooth variable resistance). It is adjustable via smooth turning of the knob. That means you change the resistance based on the desired difficulty during the workout.

This is a specific design attribute of this bike. Sunny Health & Fitness did not want to have anything electronic at all on this bike. SF-B1714 does not feature any monitor, but more on that later. So the resistance is continuously adjustable rather than in steps.

This ability to micro-adjust the resistance and not have a step measurement (gauge) to know the resistance is not a hindrance. SF-B1714 is known to be very silent, and many customers are pleased about their smooth and quiet rides.

The magnetic resistance is effective and can be adjusted quite easily. The bike is very sturdy, and I like the magnetic resistance

Stephan K.

SF-B1714 bike from Sunny is of high quality. It is sturdy, and the magnetic resistance is very smooth. I did not miss not knowing how much resistance each time I ride. Roughly 6.25 turns to go from 0 to 100, so about a 4% increase for each quarter of the turn. I hope this helps to understand the resistance better

Billy G.

The next two essential features to talk about the belt drive system of SF-B1714 and fitting & adjustments.


Belt Drive System

This indoor cycling bike features a belt drive system. Generally, there are two types of drive systems: belt drive, and chain drive system. Chain drive systems tend to feel a bit like cycling outside with chain noise. However, for an indoor bike that you would expect to use in your home or an apartment, you would want a quiet ride.

A belt drive system is precisely what you need. Fortunately, Sunny health took care of this design aspect nicely. Belt drives consist of a durable rubber belt, and this takes care of the transfer of power from pedals to the flywheel. This efficient transmission tends to the smoother and quieter ride.

A belt drive system requires low maintenance, no oil, and its life span is much longer than a chain drive system.


Fitting & Adjustments

4-Way Adjustable Handlebars and Seat of SF-B1714


4-Way Adjustable Handlebars and Seat of SF-B1714

The seat is 4-way adjustable. This allows the user to adjust forward/backward and up/down to suit his or her height.

  • Adjustable Seat to Handlebar Distance: Min 18.5″ / Max 24″
  • Max User Leg Inseam: Min 28″ / Max 37″

The handlebars are also adjustable forward/back and up/down in the base. The max-height of the bike when the handlebars are fully extended is 48′. The handlebars support various grip positions.

This bike (SF-B174) allowed me to make quick adjustments to the bars and seat positions. I am impressed with the bike seat, and it exceeded my expectations. It is broader and more comfortable than the standard saddles

John N.

I am overweight, and I am afraid of using exercise bikes because of the pain. However, I found a solution with this bike, SF-B1714. Using it a few months now and have not experienced any lower back pain

Mary J.

USA cycling expert and coach Menachem Brodie, N.S.C.A-C.S.C.S has this to say about the need to set up your bike correctly.

The most common and overlooked cause of indoor cycling seat pain is a bike seat that’s either too low or too high. When this happens, your legs do not get to support your body weight fully when you pedal. For the handlebars, you should keep them higher. This will serve with better posture, allows you to build up your strength, and ensures there is no back pain at the end of the workout.

An optimal seat position for your height can be achieved with a simple trick. Sit on the seat with one pedal at the lowest position of the rotation. Now keep your foot flat and place the heel on the pedal. If you can do this with a very slight bend in your knee, then the hight of the seat is an ideal fit for you.

LCD Monitor/Console

Okay, this is where the review of this indoor bike from Sunny & Health becomes interesting. Because the SF-B1714 does not have a monitor/computer/console, that is right; you read it right. There is no monitor, and there is no keeping of tabs on your exercise statistics.

But, don’t despair. This is another specific design-related decision that Sunny made. This design aspect is not only surprisingly amiss but also received no real complaints from actual users. In fact, some users are happy and content with this bike without a monitor.

Now, there are ways to circumvent this of not having a monitor. Before I explain those ways to you, see some of the remarks from SF-B1714 evolution pro bike customers:

This bike?s quality is impressive, as is the quiet ride. The magnetic resistance gives me a complete range of micro-adjustments. I miss the monitor for stats, but I chose this bike after learning that the readings in those computers on other bikes are not accurate. I do not regret buying this bike. This review comment is for SF-B1714 bike from Sunny Fitness

Jeff C.


The evolution pro bike SF-B1714 has no computer readouts for speed, distance, calories burned, etc. But I do not like those readouts because I tend to depend on my feelings to guide my workouts. These readouts are generally inaccurate and only useful to believe that I am progressing falsely. Kudos SF for removing this feature and saving me at least a couple of hundred $ on the price

Noah B.

Even though most users seem to be content with not having a monitor, I can suggest a couple of workarounds add this feature using 3rd party products. Below products are highly rated and recommended with SF-B1714 for enhanced experience:

Wahoo Speed and Cadence Sensors

Link: Click Here to buy this sensor

Wahoo Speed and Cadence Sensors

  • Track and capture real-time cadence
  • Light-weight and easy to install
  • Bluetooth and ANT+. Can connect to your smartphone by many popular fitness apps
  • Wahoo fitness app available as well to record your workout data
  • Connects to other fitness platforms
  • Universal fit
  • Sleek, lightweight design


CAT EYE – Padrone Wireless Bike Computer

CAT EYE - Wireless Bike Computer
CAT EYE – Wireless Bike Computer

  • Track and display the current, max, average speed, total distance, trip distance, elapsed time and clock
  • Press the base of the unit to toggle through all functions
  • You can easily mount this unit on the evolution pro bike from Sunny
  • If you take breaks during your work, the computer will stop the stats until you start again


JUBOR Bike Tablet Holder

If you go with this Wahoo speed and cadence sensors and want to connect with your iPad or smartphone, then this bike tablet holder will come handy.

Jubor Bike Tablet Holder

  • Compatible to all smartphones and the tablets that are available in the market. The list is vast, so no worry about compatibility with your device
  • 360? rotational capability. And your device will be very secure in this holder
  • Very durable and easy mount and unmount as preferred

So as you can see, there are workarounds to compensate for missing monitor/console/computer on SF-B1714 and rest assured this setup would cost you way less than a comparable bike with its LCD console.


Other Important Features and Warranty

Fully Customizable SF-B1714
Fully Customizable SF-B1714

Transportation Wheels: The wheels are at the front of the SF-B1714 and will allow you to move this bike around with ease from one room to the other room or for storing. You will tilt the bike lift on the opposite end of the flywheel. Lifting from this end would be more comfortable as the flywheel will be on the other end.

Assembled, it weighs approximately 136 lbs (61.6 kg). Considering this weight, you should ideally place the bike on a rubberized mat as not to damage the floor.

Adjustable Bottle Holder: SF-B1714 comes with an adjustable bottle holder. I don?t need to tell you how important it is to keep yourself hydrated during workouts since you already know about hydration.

Q-Factor: Q-factor is the gap between pedals. You do not want this to be too wide or too narrow. You want the q-factor approximately match your width ratio. Otherwise, your knees and ankles can not align with your hips. This adds unnecessary stress to your lower body. The q-factor on SF-B1714 is 8.5 inches, and that is a universal standard that should fit all.

Pedals: SF-B1714 comes with toe-caged pedals. They are made of metallic alloy and very durable. They are closed on the toes. Note that these do not integrate with SPD shoes; however, any athletic shoes are okay. These pedals are replaceable if you desire to replace them with SPD models.

Assembly: Users have reported that the assembly of this bike (SF-B1714) is straightforward. All main parts arrive already assembled, and only the seat, the handlebars, and the posts, stabilizer bars, and pedals have to be attached to the mainframe.

It takes about an hour for assembly. The manufacturer Sunny Health provides all the necessary tools and the instruction manual in the package.

Once assembled, the dimensions are 48.5? L x 24? W x 53.5? H, and the bike weighs 136 lb.

Warranty: The SF-B1714 indoor bike has a standard 180-day warranty on parts and components along with a 3-year warranty on the structural frame.

A word about customer service from Sunny Health & Fitness: in buying SF-B1714 from this company, you are ensured to receive the best customer service.

In our discussion with users and in going through countless positive reviews, it became evident that Sunny cares about their customers. On rare occasions, they are known to send a replacement bike if the situation asks for it.

Informational Video

Check out the following video that showcases all the important features of this bike:



  • Heavy-duty construction that can withstand a user weight of 330 lbs
  • 44 lbs flywheel engineered for speed and stability
  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • 4-way adjustable, multi-grip handlebars
  • Toe-caged, sturdy pedals
  • Manual, magnetic resistance resulting in smooth, and quiet ride
  • Many more good things about this bike listed through the article


  • Lack of monitor/console. However, as described before, there are inexpensive workarounds to compensate for this
  • No preset workout programs. If you use Wahoo speed and cadence sensors, you could connect to any fitness app of your choice.


Evolution pro indoor cycling bike SF-B1714 from Sunny Health & Fitness is an excellent choice for you if you are looking to add a bike to your home gym. SF-B1714 is packed with all the essential features to make it one of the best indoor bikes out in the market and this price range.




It sports a sturdy design, with a large flywheel that adds stability to the bike. The SF-B1714 is a beautiful looking bike yet very functional and high performance. This bike features manual magnetic resistance, silent belt drive system. Most important of all, you get 4-way adjustable handlebars and seat. This adjustability feature of SF-B1714 got very rave reviews everywhere. This indoor bike is bound to be a great addition to your fitness journey.

Frequently Asked Questions about SF-B1714

What are the heights and inseams SF-B1714 can accommodate?

SF-B1714 can accommodate the following:
Height: 5.0” to 6.3”, and inseams: 28″ and 37″.

Can this bike handle HIIT sessions?

Yes, definitely. This bike is built a rock with its heavy-duty tubes and sturdy frame. The weight of the flywheel would give you the required smooth movement during a HIIT session. 

Can I adjust the handlebars in any direction I want?

Indeed, there seems to be conflicting information on the web. However, you can certainly adjust the handlebars in any direction you prefer. The handlebars are 4-way adjustable.

The knob at the front of the bike adjusts the height, and the lever directly below the handlebar will allow forward/backward adjustment.

What are some maintenance tips?

While you can do a few steps daily, weekly, and monthly to maintain this bike, the following should be done regularly:
1. Check if all hardware is secure, such as flywheel nuts, belt guard bolts, brake caliper lock nuts, tension rod nuts, water bottle holder.
2. Inspect the brake tension rod for signs of wear, such as missing threads. Clean and lubricate the brake tension rod.
3. Clean and lubricate the seat post, handlebar post, and seat slider. Remove any buildup of foreign material.


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