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What is Fitness Masterly?

Fitnessmasterly.com is trusted source of home gym equipment reviews. We test and compare the latest fitness machines, including treadmills, stationary bikes, rowers, ellipticals — you name it! We are a team of fitness freaks who are on an endless pursuit of #gains. We are ex-gym rats that have successfully adapted our passion for fitness by investing in (and personally testing) the best home gym equipment on the market, and we’re eager to share our product research. 

Home gyms are trending!

Blame social media for an increased focus on health and wellness reviews, or COVID-19 for more time spent cooped up at home — either way, it’s a great time to invest in your home gym.  Here at FitnessMasterly, we’re obsessed with the latest exercise machines and home fitness equipment that can help you stay healthy, get lean, and stay in shape without leaving the house.