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Weslo Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill Review 2021

Editors note: we’ll be redoing this review of the Weslo Crosswalk 5.2t Treadmill soon; stay tuned.

weslo crosswalk 5.2t treadmill reviewToday’s topic is a Weslo crosswalk 5.2t treadmill review. This is a decent item, and it’s getting more and more popular. Hope you will enjoy the session. Our website is committed to you providing all the latest information that we have. Let’s begin!

What we know, Weslo crosswalk 5.2t treadmill is presently one of the best selling treadmills. The weslo crosswalk 5.2t treadmill is a really, really a modern and inexpensive fitness equipment that you can utilize to do very light workouts on.

If you are looking for an item with excellent features then, the Weslo 5.2t Treadmill is something to take note of for future reference. You may obtain the item to make sure the highest comfort of your own home.

What is the weslo crosswalk 5.2t treadmill ?

Before I enter the central part of today topic, let me provide you a short idea about the item. Look at below that I am mentioning here within a single line.

Bringing fitness exercise equipment to your home is the pre-eminence option to stay fine and fit. It affords a home like a workout at home.

The weslo crosswalk 5.2t treadmill makes an entry level of the unit that has changed the definition of fitness machines. It is utterly challenging to losing out tonnes of weight and transforms your body into a newly toned body. The Weslo Crosswalk 5.2 t Space Saver treadmill supplies a workout that can strengthen many important muscle groups in your body.

What can weslo crosswalk 5.2t treadmill Do?

The item comes with a lot of variation. I have this item right now. This is a small type and narrow treadmill.
It is worth mentioning that if you’re very much used to the giant treadmills in the gym, then you might have some problem with this small one.

As its name indicates, the weslo crosswalk 5.2t is a machine designed mainly for walking. However, it does have a durable construction, and it can also support running or jogging.
It gives you a perfect workout with the benefit of the level of resistance. It can be carried out by athlete, racer or runner.

This low priced electric powered treadmill is uniquely designed with Cross Walk Upper Body Arms to add a new dimension to your workout, giving you the advantages of both an upper and lower body workout. You will feel entirely engaged during your workout.
The most bottom lines are you’re going to get such a workout that hopes new exercise fitness to the body.

Features of Weslo crosswalk 5.2t treadmill

The weslo crosswalk 5.2t comes with a lot of useful features. Find out the best features that the item can provide you.
A question can roll in your mind that, with newer treadmills on the market nearby the same price point, is the Cross-walk 5.2t treadmill really a good purchase today? Here is what you require to know to assist you to decide. Take a look:

Basic Ergonomic Design

The weslo crosswalk 5.2t treadmill is constructed with a compact and lightweight design and also comes with a folding frame with Space Saver technology. The product comes with foldable space-saving design. The item is also designed with a technology called the Cross Walk Workout Arms which, according to the company, permits burning up of calories up to 50 percent more


I love the display it has. I may assure you that, you will be pleased to see it also. The display indicates the most crucial values that anybody would like to know during their work out on a treadmill, such a current speed level, time, calories burned, distance and heart rate.

Built-in Workout Apps

The item comes with 4 quick Workout Apps. The 4 preset workout apps left are good if you do not have a lot of time and wish to get on with it as soon as possible.
Tread Belt: This is one of the littlest belts on the marketplace which is only at 16 x 50 inches long. It does not give you lots of room. If you are a taller person, you may feel like you are walking on the edge of the belt. It’s well made also; you won’t face any trouble with this accessory.

ProShox Cushioning System

The item is well equipped with Comfort Cell (TM) Cushioning. To protect your joints perfectly and add some additional soothing to your workout experience, this product is equipped with Comfort Cell Cushioning.

Weight Capacity

The item provides the maximum number of weight capacity. This treadmill extends a maximum user weight capacity of up to 250lbs. If I say honestly, A weight capacity of 250 pounds isn’t the most impressive figure at all. But it does a good job always. It shows a less convenient piece of treadmill that doesn’t stand a good reason for it when you’re having more weight than the item offers.

Quick Incline Control

Weslo Crosswalk 5.2 T has two position manually adjustable incline levels if you wish to get more challenge and burn bugger number of calories in a shorter time and for defending your joints when you are figuring out it is equipped with Comfort Cell Cushioning. A User can easily alter the degree of the incline between 2 different settings.

Walking Belt

The belt comes with this item is pre-lubricated with industrial lubricant, high-grade, and should not necessitate lubrication for a long time. Hence, when it concerns maintenance, you only have to maintain the walking belt clean. The belt is 16 inches wide and 47 inches long, and you can achieve speeds of up to 10 mph.

Heart Rate Monitor

The item also comes with a Comfortable Pulse heart rate monitor that supplies heart rate reading as you exercise. The vital fitness statistics of your workout or exercise will then be displayed on its LCD (liquid crystal display) screen. Other information that is given to you is your speed, time, calories burned and distance. To monitor heart rate, there is an Easy Pulse (TM) thumb pulse heart-rate monitoring system on the console. I assure that you can meet and maintain your fitness goals perfectly.

Easy to Fold Design

This is another feature which is sweet enough. This model came with a folding frame and equipped with the patented Space-Saver Design that makes it quick, simple and easy to fold up and go. Space Saver design of this item permits easy folding for compact storage. While this is fairly common, it is still an admired feature. If you live in a little house or flat and transportation wheels which formulate it easy to move in the house.

Running Surface

Running surface length and wide are gradually 16 inches and 50 inches. It is a compact model with best fold design; you’ll compromise some place in regards to the running or jogging area. What I said, this treadmill’s running area is 16 inches wide and 47 inches long, which is quite small.
IPod Dock and Speakers: The item features an iPod deck, and the speakers come with this item attaches with Comfort Cell Cushioning to absorb impact.

Balanced Rollers

The deck incorporates precision crowned rollers of this item with high-grade ball bearings for prolonged life, which provide an excellent grip on the belt.
Motor: The motor range is 2.25 HP and 110v power required to operate this item.


Warranty of this item is not very consistent, but you can choose for additional warranty. The item is designed as a mid range model to work on dissimilar key muscle groups on your upper and lower body, and you’ll get 90 days of labor and parts warranty. In my opinion, I will say, 90 days warranty time is smart enough to let go.

Shipping and Assembly

Remember that shipping costs will differ for the weslo crosswalk 5.2t treadmill depending on where you buy from and what sort of delivery you favor. The assembly includes 9 steps with the Allen-Wrench to be done with. It supplies instructions that hold the information about how you can use the item and in what way. If you’re unable to get through the instructions properly, you can have an entire video to recognize the assembly process.
The whole assembly process should not take more than 45 minutes.


As with other short of models by Weslo, the cost is perhaps the most beautiful feature of this model. The item comes with a fair price. You will get highest benefits by using this item.

Features at a Glance:

Dimensions are approx. 55″ x 29″ x 68″
Shipping Weight is approx. 129.7 lbs
Crosswalk Upper Body Workout Arms
Blue backlit LCD screen shows workout stats including time, speed, calories, distance burned, pulse
Moving handlebars with tension adjustment
Comfort Cell and trade Cushioning
Tread belt size is 16″ x 47″
Space Saver design
Easy Pulse Heart Rate Monitor
6 buttons for work out selection display, start, stop, priority, speed up, speed down
Incline is manual, 2-position, 0.08 ranges
0 ?10 mph speed range with digital speed control
2.25 HP motor
4 quick Workout Apps
Transport Wheels
Electrically powered treadmill
4 Preset workout apps for weight-loss and performance
Easy-Pulse thumb pulse heart rate monitor
User weight capacity is up to 250 lbs
Operates with 110v power
90 days Parts & Labor warranty

The Pros

  • Sturdy build for an entry level treadmill
  • Space Saver
  • Easy to put together
  • Folding design
  • Shock Absorbing Cushions
  • Pulse sensor on the console
  • Little maintenance required
  • Small footprint for a treadmill
  • Smooth and quiet operation

The Cons

  • Low Weight Capacity
  • No tablet, book or accessory holders
  • No quick keys for speed adjustment
  • Warranty is not very consistent


What we love about weslo crosswalk 5.2t treadmill

We like maximum features of this item. The warranty time is a little bit shorter than the other items. But at the end of the day, it won’t be a big issue. Here are some of the features that we like most. Take a look!

CrossWalk Upper Body Resistance: We love these features first of all. This feature permits users to gain the advantages of a trainer with the upper body arm grips. Anybody can make up his or her calorie burn while building muscle mass using this excellent feature.

The thorough Workout: The main cause behind preferring this piece of machine is it attaches with an addition to supplying the exhaustive exercise to the body. It provides you with a simple, easy workout and exercise that makes you truly so relaxed to have running, walking or jogging on the deck.

The item comes with a promising option to formulate increments in the angles, so that burn a lot more calories.
Compact Design: We firmly believe, you will be surprised after having this item. The design of this item is just fabulous. This treadmill is a very compact, lightweight machine like most of other Weslo’s treadmills. It is effortless to move around and use in smaller spaces, making it perfect for older people.

Bottom line

This product features a compact, foldable design, making it the best option for those with limited space. It is surpassing for muscle toning, light or medium cardio workouts, stamina building, weight loss and interval training.
If you’re searching for a compact yet decent quality, lightweight and affordable treadmill with side handle to work your upper body correctly, this item may be something you may wish to look at.

After reading this weslo crosswalk 5.2t treadmill review, do you think purchasers should purchase this treadmill? Share your opinion with our community visitors of this website by writing your personal review. It is fun, free easy to do. Everyone is invited to join in.

Hey, I am on the last stage of today’s topic. Hope you have enjoyed this review part as well. Our intention was clear to provide you the depth knowledge about weslo 5.2t treadmill. Please leave your comments below. I will be glad to reply with your comments soon. Have a delightful time and enjoy your workouts with this superb item. Check out the price on Amazon today!

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