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Top Home Fitness Trends for 2021

2020 was a difficult year for everyone – and the fitness industry was no exception. Who knows if our favorite gyms will reopen once COVID is over – and many gyms have gone under or closed. The big gym chains weren’t immune either, and companies like 24 Hour Fitness and Town Sports filed for bankruptcy.

While the in person gym clubs had major problems, the home gym market took off. And we’ll clearly see that trend continuing into 2021. What that as the backdrop, here are the biggest home fitness trends that we expect to see in 2021.

Top Home Fitness Trends for 2021

At Home Gyms & Interactive Training Equipment

Fitness fanatics will certainly proceed to build out their home gyms and try to find deals and offers on gym flooring, dumbells, treadmills, weights, bands, and so on, to keep their workouts going without having to use a mask or possibly get COVID. This will certainly open up the door for interesting and cutting-edge items to be launched for the at-home fitness fanatic. These fitness lovers will certainly also look to make larger acquisitions such as fitness bikes like the Peloton, or MIRROR interactive devices – which are practically like having a digital personal fitness instructor in the convenience of your living room (which is where most of the ads seems to want you to put your device…).

Secondary Market for Used, Connected Equipment

So, not everyone who buys a Tempo or Mirror device is going to use it all year. In fact, many people will probably quit after the first few months – that’s just how working out goes. But those devices are pretty amazing pieces of equipment. It doesn’t make sense to leave them lying around collecting dust. So we expect that there will be a growing market for used, smart fitness devices. This will be good for many of the manufacturers as well, since it will make it cheaper for people to get started and then hooked on their subscription plans.

Subscription-Based Fitness

With the just recently presented Apple Fitness service for the Apple Watch, in 2021, we will see a boost in subscription training apps and services. Lots of workout junkies will certainly like to work out in the house – and might not return to the health club anytime soon. Subscription-based fitness apps are going to have a big year. And not all of these subscriptions are bundled with devices – some, like iFit, can be used to get pumped up on any standard bike, treadmill or other device that you already own.

Mobile Training Services

Individual instructors, and small franchises, are turning to mobile training solutions – bringing the gym to their customers. It’s actually a neat solution – you can workout in your own home, or even outside (if the weather permits), with a trainer and a great selection of equipment that they bring. We expect this trend to be one to watch in 2021.

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