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Tempo Move vs Tempo Studio – Which Tempo Model Is Right for You?

Already a pioneer in the home gym game, Tempo recently introduced a more economical alternative, the Tempo Move. We’ve been testing out the Tempo Studio for about a year (many thanks to Tempo for offering us one for review; note that we may make commissions if you click on some of our links!). So, which Tempo fits your needs, the Move or the Studio? Let’s compare the two more comprehensively!

Bottom Line: Read on for our review of the most important aspects for the Tempo Studio vs the Tempo Move– but if you’re short for time, the Move is a much cheaper way to get into Tempo’s connected home gym world. The Move uses less floor space and your existing television and phone to grant access to the outstanding series of Tempo exercises and teachers. On the other hand, the Move doesn’t yet support all of the extras like live classes that the Studio offers, however, Tempo is constantly updating and evolving its items, so we don’t think it will be long until the Move will have a lot of the same features.


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Should you buy a home gym?

Tempo Studio and Tempo Move have lots of attributes that an in-person gym or class would not have. You have the SOLE attention of your fitness instructor– a 1:1 focus on your form, weights & motivation. “But it’s a digital instructor …” you could be thinking. Yes, but with Tempo‘s AI training technology, it can track your exercises as well as physical form nearly as well as an in-person instructor would. On top of that, everything required for the workout is in one place. A substantial variation of classes and class types, progress and goal monitoring, online networking, and more, all in one area

We can get into the obvious regarding COVID-19 altering the workout world, but I know we’re all sick of listening to that argument. Home gyms are convenient for many reasons, even if you’re still a gym member or attend workout courses outside your house.

Home gyms can not only save you money but time! Want to fit in a quick workout between work calls or while the kids nap? Running to the gym would require a lot more preparation & time than just getting it in at home. Tight work schedule, working odd hours? Your living room home gym is always open!

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Tempo also provides the ability to change up your workouts more than you might. A lot of us ignore the stretching or movement elements that our body requires. Not only do a lot of Tempo’s trainers suggest them explicitly throughout their courses, but they offer plenty of options that appear to cater precisely to your needs.

We know, there is a lot in the marketplace right now, exactly how do you know which functions you need? Check out our other home gym reviews, like Tonal vs Mirror vs Tempo, or read more about Tempo’s Accessories and Bundles. Read on to see if either of the Tempo models can do it all for you!

What is Tempo?

You may have heard of the Tempo Studio, Tempo’s first home gym system, launched in early 2020. While it’s a pretty high starting price, the Tempo Studio has everything necessary to achieve the results you want. They recently released the Tempo Move as an inexpensive, smaller version of the Studio, along with additional varying accessories overtime to support your progress – including extra weight accessories (clips, light weights, etc.), resistance bands, a yoga mat and blocks, and even a compatible heart rate monitor.

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Founded by Moawia Eldeeb and Josh Augustin, Tempo was created to give every person the power to understand their strength and lead an active life after discovering the power of this in their own life. They brought in fitness researchers and scientists, engineers, physiology PhDs, and personal trainers to develop the first at-home individual training service and combination home gym that utilizes AI-powered personal training for real-time guidance with personalized training strategies.

Tempo Studio vs Tempo Move

While both are wonderful options for enhancing or starting your home gym setup, it’s essential that you’re finding the right items to fit your needs.

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Before we get into the nitty-gritty of Tempo’s home gyms, let’s see exactly how they line up on several of the key attributes:

Tempo Move vs Tempo Studio  
Price$495Starting at $2,495
Membership price$39/mo for 6 accounts$39/mo for 6 accounts
Size22” H x 13.5” W x 13.5” D72” H x 26” W x 16” D
  • Dumbells
  • Coming soon:
  • Barbell
  • Kettlebell
  • Dumbells
  • Barbell
  • Kettlebell
  • Folding squat rack
  • Folding bench
Weights included
Screen included?
3D Vision?

What are the similarities between Tempo Move and Tempo Studio?

Both the Move and Studio come with Tempo’s significant collection of real-time and on-demand exercises. Even without the same equipment, you can still fit in a comparable workout with the Tempo Move. Our test pilot (our fitness advisor, Ryan) loves the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, which are almost identical between the two systems. The Tempo Fit app comes with a membership to either device, so you can get a workout in on the go, too!

While there are lots of differences between the two, the price being one of the most prominent, there are many of the same experiences available with both systems. For example, the subscription price to access the exercises is the same for both the Move and the Studio, at $39 a month, and both can support up to 6 accounts, so all your friends or family can feel the burn together.

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Both have well-designed space to hold the exercise gear, dumbbells, plates, and so on, when not being used, and the cupboard-like cover is super attractive and modern, so you’ll really feel great having either of these on display next to the fireplace, without being too much of a distraction. Both make use of the company’s 3D Pace Vision ™, but what we consider the biggest difference is in the screens – Move uses your phone, while the Studio has a screen built into the equipment.

Regardless of the size of the devices themselves (Studio requiring a much bigger ‘storing’ footprint), you’ll need the space to get a good workout in, so depending on your height/size, it could be a lot. You’ll be jumping, moving, lifting, etc, so make sure you have the room to actually do your work.

What classes does Tempo have?

Tempo has over 1,000 real-time and on-demand classes with brand-new ones presented weekly. These classes include HIIT, cardio-boxing, cardio, yoga, meditation, core, low impact, mobility, and prenatal. There are categories in each for the novice, intermediate, and high-level fitness experts, all led by coaches and licensed trainers.

All class variations can be done with either of the two home gym systems, the workouts themselves simply depend on the equipment that pairs with the plan or system you’ve purchased. The only difference is that, because of the later release date, the Tempo Move will only include some of the on-demand classes recorded before September 2021, while the Tempo Studio will certainly continue to provide their total background of on-demand classes.

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Additionally, Tempo Move does not include live classes right now, yet it’s rumored that they’ll be offered Spring 2022 (make certain to routinely check Tempo’s social for updates!)

As mentioned earlier, Tempo sent our gym pro a Tempo Studio about a year back. With his knowledge, he considers the Tempo Studio above the competitors in the home gym market with their delivery of effective, personalized exercises.

To check out other options for expanding your home gym, take a look at how we review the Slim Cycle Stationary Bike.

What are the differences between Tempo Move and Tempo Studio? 

Now that we know what Tempo stayed consistent on, let’s discuss the differences between the two, to see which is right for your home situation!

Tempo Move Review

The Tempo Move is the most effective alternative for people that want to explore the smart home gym fad, yet aren’t prepared to meet the higher price-point to invest in the devices. While the Tempo Move is best known for its 3D innovation, utilized to track as well as work on your form, the Tempo Move makes up for its absence of an integrated screen by offering the same 3D modern technology, simply on your phone. That makes the Tempo Move more mobile, while likewise removing a substantial chunk of the cost.

The smaller-sized dimension gives you the capability to conveniently change any room into a fitness center with an awesome personal instructor, while not dominating your living room when not in use

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What equipment does the Tempo Move come with?

Tempo Move comes with:

  • Tempo Core
  • 2 x 7.5 lb dumbells
  • Smart weight plates (all x4): 1.25 lb, 2.5 lb, 5 lb
  • 4 weight collars
  • HDMI cable

Before purchasing the Move, evaluate the listing on Tempo’s site to make certain your phone is compatible with the system. As we write this, just specific apple iPhone work, however, the business has claimed that Android compatibility is “coming soon”, so we expect that news soon!

Does the Tempo Move take up less space than the Studio?

The Tempo Move needs much less room than the Tempo Studio, but you’ll still need the ~6 sqft of space to perform your workout. The tasteful cabinet has everything you need, along with the dock for your phone, which connects to the TV, making it extremely portable. The system itself is stylish – again, not an eyesore when closed up and not in use!

Another, more affordable, option to add to a home gym could be singular pieces of equipment. Check out our review of Crossrope and its offerings on our site.

Tempo Studio review

With Tempo’s 3D innovations, you can have the almost real-life experience of having an individual teacher with you to assess and correct your movements, keep track of your reps, and even help to choose the right weights for you to get the best workout. Everything tracked can be saved within the app, so you can gauge your development over time

Source: Tempo

Home gyms tend to be lacking for heavy weight lifters, but our fitness specialists admired the HIIT programs that are included in the classes. So, if you are opting for major weightlifting, you’ll want to step up to the Pro bundle or obtain a number of the extra plates to include in the existing collection. Nonetheless, the majority of people aren’t buying a home gym for the “bodybuilding” aspect, so, as it ships, the Tempo Studio is an excellent alternative.

The layout is also pretty sick – with a 42 ″ HD touchscreen, you can truly feel submersed in the workouts. Plus, the stereo is system is incredible (although, we highly recommend the convenient BlueTooth connection when uninterested parties are around… from experience).

What does the Tempo Studio come with?

The Tempo Studio has 3 different packages to satisfy various goals in a residence health club setup. Beginning with the Beginner bundle, the Plus and Pro packages are extra costly, however, use far more tools for different and harder variants of the workouts

Comparing Tempo Studio bundles: Starter vs Plus vs Pro

  • Starter (4 piece package) – $2,495
    • 5mm workout mat, 2 x 7.5 lb dumbbells, 4 x weight collars, 75 lb total weight plates
  • Plus (9 piece package) – $3,245
    • All items included in Starter package
    • AND: 25 lb barbell, heart rate monitor, recovery roller, folding bench, 2 more weight collars, 2 x 25 lb competition plates
  • Pro (13 piece package) – $3,995
    • All items included in Plus package
    • AND: folding squat rack, kettlebell system, weight plate storage, 2 x 45 lb competition plates

The Tempo Studio is a superb alternative for those that want an individual training experience without leaving their home. If you are ready to go all-in on Tempo, this is where you should begin.

What is Tempo’s 3D movement tracking?

Both the Tempo Move and Studio include Tempo’s 3D type tracking/monitoring innovation, 3D Pace Vision ™. This is an outstanding innovation that really enhances your workout experience by watching your weights for you, correcting form, coaching, and counting reps. It goes without saying, it so far has fantastic reviews.

Source: Tempo

One con that some have pointed out is the privacy of this unit. We understand how easy it is to question every little thing with all the tracking technology around us, but Tempo has clarified this issue, specifying that the technology does not really record or present an image/video of you. Rather, it tape-records what is generally an outline/skeleton of you and the weights you’re using. Keeps you private while still analyzing your workout!

What’s the best home gym?: Tempo vs Tonal vs Mirror

How do Tempo’s home gym alternatives stand up to other popular ones including Tonal and Mirror? We break down several of the key functions in the table listed below:

Best Home Gym: Tempo vs Tonal vs Mirror   
PriceMove: $495
Studio: starting at $2,495
Starting at $2,995$1,495
Subscription price$39/mo$49/mo$29/mo
EquipmentBarbell, dumbbells, plates, and accessories, depending on modelBuilt-in electromagnetic arms with suspension trainingTraining bands (elastics)
Live classes offered?
Cardio optionsCardio
Dance Cardio
Dance Cardio
Cardio + strength
Tai Chi
Strength optionsStrength training
Low impact
Strength training
Quick fit
Strength: Total
bodyArms + abs
Weight training
Additional class offerings?Yoga
Pre & post-natal
Family fun
Yoga Flow
Family Fun
Restorative Yoga
Pre & post-natal

Tempo’s AI monitoring really sets it apart by providing sincerely customized feedback. Tempo has many features that aren’t readily available with other devices, especially not at in-person gyms. While Tonal does offer correction feedback, it’s significantly more expensive than either of the Tempo products. Another plus – no permanent installation! Both models are free-standing, while many on the market require home or wall installation.

If you’re also looking for a way to enhance your gym results, check out our review on Calibrate vs Noom for the best way to lose weight online!

Tempo Move reviews from customers

It’s smart to get some responses from seasoned users to answer any kind of additional concerns you may have before making a purchase like this. So, let’s check out some of the testimonials from Tempo Move athletes:

Source: Tempo

Source: Tempo

Source: Tempo

Tempo Studio reviews from customers

Tempo Studio customers are just as pleased with their devices, again raving about the great coach feedback and HQ videos. We included a variety of individual testimonials that had purchased each package for you to evaluate those different price points.

Source: Tempo

Source: Tempo

Source: Tempo

The Verdict: Should you get the Tempo Move or the Tempo Studio?

Given all this, what’s the best Tempo option for your home gym– the Move or the Studio? Both have received high praise via positive reviews and high ratings, so your choice boils down to the physical equipment, price, and space needed. 

  • Equipment — the Studio wins hands-down, no matter which package you select. There’s more weights and accessories included with the Studio than with the Move for you to work with. 
  • Cost Tempo Move is significantly cheaper. (i.e. $500 or less vs $2000+. The Move is doesn’t include a screen, which brings down the cost, but keep in mind the Move’s smartphone dock only works with iPhone at the moment. Sorry Android users.
  • Space needed — When considering the two when not in use, the Tempo Move uses a much smaller footprint. It’s lack of screen makes it a lot less conspicuous than the Studio. Remember that the  recommended square footage needed for work outs is the same for both models.

No matter which you choose, both the Tempo Move and the Tempo Studio make it easy to improve and stay consistent with your exercise regimen. As a skeptic, I wasn’t sure if I’d like the guided nature of Tempo’s virtual exercise glasses. I typically don’t love exercise classes in real life. But honestly after a few months with the Tempo Move in my living room, I admit, I’m a huge fan. The workouts are short, but really challenging. It’s kept me working out more consistently than everything else I tried during the pandemic.

Here’s a picture of my Tempo Move (see the little black box to the left of the media console? So incognito you might miss it.) If you’re an iPhone user trying to stay fit on a budget, the Move offers a ton of value today.

Remember that Tempo frequently offers sales, so check out the Studio and the Move at their current prices!

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