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Tempo Accessories and Bundles

Our fitness experts breakdown the different Tempo accessories and bundle options so you can figure out what package is best for your home gym.

May 2022 update – we’ve had our Tempo for about six months now, and the top used accessory that we purchased was the extra “competition” plates, which are 25lbs each. And our reviewer who has the Tempo Move suggested getting extra 10lb plates from Tempo (check out our comparison of the Tempo Studio vs Move here).

If you haven’t already heard, Tempo is a connected-fitness company that has made a massive impression on many big companies, magazines, and celebrities in the last year. Like many other “smart gyms,” they try to bring interactive fitness into a home workout.

You might be thinking that there are loads of gym apps with huge communities already out there, so what makes Tempo different? Well, Tempo uses artificial intelligence to create a personal workout tailored to you. 

In Tempo’s mind, interactive fitness isn’t just about a community; it’s about having a knowledgeable person who can guide you through your workout goals.

In this case, the knowledgeable person is an extremely smart computer. The AI system corrects your form, adjusts the intensity of your workout, and suggests what your next goal should be. It is just like having a personal trainer at your beck and call. 

This sounds like a sci-fi story of what domestic life will be like in 3000, but Tempo has brought this technology into the present day.

Rolling Stone has said, “The Tempo Studio is the ultimate tool for anyone who wants to get in better shape without leaving their house.”. Fast Company has said, “A gorgeous machine that fits beautifully inside anybody’s home. Totally transformed my life.” And Esquire has said, “The closest to a gym’s equipment and classes that you can get.

The “big dogs” in fitness, technology, and popular culture have all given Tempo a massive thumbs up, so we want to see what all this fuss is about. We will look at Tempo’s bundles and accessories to see if Tempo is just as hot as they claim to be or if this is all smoke and no fire.

Tempo’s Bundle Packages

Tempo has been growing since 2020, and their AI personal trainer is a big winner for gym goers who often cannot get to their workout because their life is so busy. Tempo has been expanding its equipment and has reached a stage where a bundle package of workout gear might be better for their customers than individual purchases. Their bundles are The Starter, The Plus, and The Pro. We will look at all three to see how good they are, who should be using which bundle, and what to be hesitant of.

The AI-powered Tempo Studio

We noticed when looking at the bundles that all of them have the AI-powered Tempo studio. That piece of technology is the main part of Tempo’s company. It is the software and hardware that help you on your workout journey.

The AI-powered Tempo Studio has a 3D sensor that counts your reps and recognizes when your form needs to be adjusted. The technology also creates and adjusts your workout to be more intense as you reach the new targets.

Although the other items that Tempo sells are storage friendly, sleek, and durable, it’s the AI technology that steals the show. Doing everything that a personal trainer does but at a time that suits you, the AI studio is beyond anything else on the market right now.

It almost looks like a plate display cabinet or a child’s whiteboard with a modern upgrade to include a TV. The screen is where you can see your workout displayed, but the cabinet itself contains a bunch of weights. These are already included in every bundle as it is the main selling point of the Tempo workout. 

The weights range from 1.25 to 10 lbs, and there are two adjustable dumbbells that weigh 7.5 lbs.

The technology is amazing, easy to use, and perfect for people who need a coach to help them through a workout. The Tempo Studio alone is a fantastic purchase, but you cannot buy the Tempo Studio without a bundle. 

It is outstanding how technology can understand your positioning and learn how to make it better. It does this through the 3D sensor, which feeds back to the Artificial Intelligence, and it does all of this in real time. Straight out of a sci-fi movie!

Do You Need Tempo's Accessories?

A lot of commentators have been saying that smart gyms like Tempo, ProForm Vue and others make existing gym equipment obsolete. 

But what if you already have weights and other equipment?

Do you need to throw away your old accessories and only use the ones you purchase through Tempo?!?

Thankfully, you CAN use equipment and accessories that you already have with a Tempo. However, the company says that it may make it harder for the AI workout coach to calibrate your exercises. 

Accessories and “old school” equipment that we think are particularly a compatible with a new Tempo include exercise/yoga mats, benches, exercise bands, and aerobic step platforms. One of our fitness obsessed friends who loves heavier weights “boosts” the Tempo weights that came with his bundle with his own weights; again, you have to tell Tempo that you are using heavier weights, but he says that it’s working for him. 

Tempo bundles

The Starter, as you might expect, is the lowest priced and most basic bundle. 

This is the list of items that come in The Starter:

  • The AI-powered Tempo Studio (Included In Every Bundle)
  • 2 x 7.5 lbs Dumbbells (Included In Every Bundle)
  • Essential Plate Bundle (Included In Every Bundle)
  • 4 x 1.25 lbs, & 4 x 2.5 lbs, & 4 x 5 lbs, & 4 x 10 lbs
  • Workout Mat (Included In Every Bundle)
  • 4 x Weight Collars

Just by looking at the list of items, you can see that almost every item from the starter pack is included in the other bundles. The only outlier is the weight collars, and that is because the starter pack has 4 weighted collars, whereas the other two bundles have 6.

All of these items fit inside the Tempo Studio cabinet. Meaning that this kit is more than just some amazing high tech equipment; it’s also super space saving.

Looking at the list of items might be enough to tell you which bundle is right for you. If every item listed here is what you would use in the gym, you don’t need to look any further than The Starter. 

Tempo says that this basic bundle is aimed at “athletes who don’t require much more than the basics or may already have a selection of advanced equipment at home.” But we think the starter pack isn’t just for athletes.

The list of items in this bundle is what most people use to work out at home. If we wanted more equipment, that’s when we would go to the gym. 

Who Is The Tempo Studio Starter Pack Aimed At:

  • People with little storage space.
  • Gym Goers who use basic/little equipment.
  • Athletes who want the AI technology but already have workout equipment.
  • People who want a Tempo package but don’t have a lot of money.

The last bullet point is a big one. These bundles (even the starter) do not come cheap. 

We will talk about the individual accessories later, but the price of the Essential Plate Bundle, for example, is hundreds of dollars more expensive than a decent bundle you can find on Amazon

That’s not to say that Tempo is overpriced, though, as the Tempo Studio is worth the thousands of dollars it costs to buy due to the superb AI technology. You can pay monthly if the one off price tag is too high, but if you aren’t interested in the technology, this collection might not be worth the bucks.

The Plus is the package between the two extremes. It has everything from The Starter and most things from The Pro, but it’s cheaper and probably contains all the equipment you wish you had at home. 

This is the list of items that come in The Plus:

  • The AI-powered Tempo Studio (Included In Every Bundle)
  • 2 x 7.5 lbs Dumbbells (Included In Every Bundle)
  • Essential Plate Bundle (Included In Every Bundle)
  • 4 x 1.25 lbs, & 4 x 2.5 lbs, & 4 x 5 lbs, & 4 x 10 lbs
  • Workout Mat (Included In Every Bundle)
  • 6 x Weight Collars
  • 1 x 25 lbs Barbell
  • 2 x 25 Competition Weight Plates
  • Recovery Roller
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Folding Bench

This list is starting to look big already, and we haven’t even reached Pro yet! The folding bench is a fantastic addition to the package because it allows you to do more exercise workouts generally reserved for the gym only!

Who Is The Tempo Studio Plus Pack Aimed At:

  • People with enough room for foldable equipment.
  • Gym goers who want to do a complete workout at home.

The list of who might want to use this bundle is small, but that’s only because we’re reaching the amount of equipment that most people either want at home or want at the gym.

The Plus Bundle is literally a gym at home, including the personal trainer. The only people who shouldn’t be using the plus are those who are strapped for cash, don’t use that much equipment, or are eyeing up the Pro bundle.

For me, the folding bench is perfectly designed to fit into this minimalist aesthetic that Tempo is going for. If you haven’t got a whole room you can dedicate towards a gym; these nifty storage solutions keep you from having cluttered and bulky equipment around your home.

From the name alone, you know that this package is going to contain a bunch of workout equipment that professional athletes would be interested in. If you’re an average gym buff, you might think that the pro isn’t suited for you. We will go into what they have to offer, and then we will help you decide if the cheaper bundles are more suitable for you.

This is the list of items that come in the The Plus:

  • The AI-powered Tempo Studio (Included In Every Bundle)
  • 2 x 7.5 lbs Dumbbells (Included In Every Bundle)
  • Essential Plate Bundle (Included In Every Bundle)
  • 4 x 1.25 lbs, & 4 x 2.5 lbs, & 4 x 5 lbs, & 4 x 10 lbs
  • Workout Mat (Included In Every Bundle)
  • 6 x Weight Collars
  • 1 x 25 lbs Barbell
  • 2 x 25 Competition Weight Plates
  • 2 x 45 lbs Competition Weight Plates
  • Recovery Roller
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Folding Bench
  • Folding Squat Rack
  • Weight Plate Storage
  • Kettlebell System

Phew, that list was long! Tempo says that The Pro bundle has “Everything you’ll need” and is “perfect for the home athlete.” They often use the term athlete, and it’s not a coincidence. This power list of equipment isn’t for everyone, but it is perfect for professional athletes.

The question is, do you need a squat rack, do you need 45 lbs competition weights, do you need all of these bells and whistles to complete your workout? 

The Folding Squat Rack is an amazing change to most home workout gear because it’s sleek, durable, and easy to store, but if you don’t use one in the gym, why have one at your home?

However, the Weight Plate Storage is a great system to keep your home looking sleek when the weights aren’t in use.

Tempo’s storage solutions are almost a sign of relief in themselves, to the point that you might forget that the AI software is the game changer that Tempo has to offer. 

Who Is The Tempo Studio Plus Pack Aimed At:

  • Professional Athletes.
  • Gym Goers who use most gym equipment. 
  • Home workout champions who like or need storage solutions.

Tempo’s Accessories

Tempo’s accessories are a way to individually buy Tempo equipment (not including the AI Tempo Studio) if you want more of an item or if you want to increase your home workout. 

Suppose you want the Tempo Studio and like the idea of getting a folding squat rack but already have a significant home workout set up already, then you can get the Starter Pack and buy the folding squat rack as an accessory. This essentially allows you to pick and choose the right workout equipment for you.

The downside to this type of mixing is that the bundles are much cheaper than the individual purchases. 

There are a couple of accessories that we’ve mentioned but not gone into detail about or that are not listed on the bundles at all. Have a look below.

The Kettlebell System looks like a child’s toy. If you saw it in a dentist, you’d assume that the bright primary colors are there to attract a child’s attention. It’s the only odd looking item in Tempo’s collection, and it stands out because everything else is white or black and definitely sleek.


But looks mean nothing when it comes to getting “Gains.” The great thing about the kettlebell system is that it uses the same weight plate system as the dumbbells. This means that you can adjust the weight to best suit your workout plan.

The heart rate monitor isn’t as fancy as the AI technology we’ve already talked about. It is compatible with ANT+ devices, and it can basically do what your FitBit can do but without the additional bonuses like step counting, reminders, sleep tracking, etc. 

If you haven’t got any sort of heart rate monitor at all, or if you want something that isn’t complicated, then this accessory might be for you. But most of us will already have something that can measure our heart rate and do much more.

The recovery roller is basically a long log of foam. It’s been made to help out with the new yoga classes that Tempo has available, and it would be great for an after workout relaxation and stretching session. 

Comparing this roller to others on the market, you can see that they are all roughly the same price, so buying a Tempo product would be great if you want to have a complete Tempo set. 


Hopefully, this article has helped you figure out if the Tempo Bundles and Tempo Accessories are the right choices for you. The AI Tempo Studio is a fantastic piece of technology at a very reasonable price, especially if you consider the monthly payment you can make instead of the one off purchase. If you are considering other smart gyms, we’ve also compared Tempo to Mirror and Tonal.

We suggest getting the Starter Pack or the Plus Pack and buying accessories as your workout becomes more intense or even as you branch out into new forms of exercise and interests. 

For us, it’s the AI technology that wins us over, and the additional equipment is simply great for storage. Some of the accessories aren’t amazing in comparison to top market gear, but the storage solutions, adjustability, and pricing mean it’s nothing to shake your head at.

Our testers LOVE their Tempos. Which package did you choose, and do you like it?

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