Review: Slim Cycle As Seen on Tv 2-in-1 Stationary Bike – Is it right for you?

Review: Slim Cycle As Seen on Tv 2-in-1 Stationary Bike – Is it right for you?


Are you looking to buy a slim cycle? How about a slim cycle that promises two times (2X) results in half the time.? A slim cycle that provides combined cardio with arm strengthening, how doe that sound?.

Whoa, that is a dream come true. Before we get ahead of ourselves, it is to ensure that you make the right buying decision. This slim cycle review will provide you all the details you would need to consider before parting with your money.

Let me be honest with you. There was a time in the past when I was looking to buy an exercising bike to add to my home gym setup. Slim cycles grabbed my attention for their minimal space requirements and available features. I wanted something less cumbersome, less professional (read beginner?s friendly but still challenging to me).

Although I come across many types of exercise bikes in my line work, and use them from time to time, I always recommend slim cycles for their adaptability. For example, a slim cycle from Tele Brands (via As Seen TV) promises an upright bike that can be turned into a recumbent bike. Also provided is a feature for your arms strengthening. Don?t neglect those arms!.

In business since 1983, Telebrands is one of the longest-running As Seen on TV Company. They pride themselves with hundreds of product releases every year. Let not the ?As Seen on TV? brand fool you with this excellent slim cycle. Slim Cycle 2-in-1 stationary bike is worth your serious consideration to be added to your home gym equipment or even as your first equipment in your fitness journey.

If you are in a hurry, the following is the Slim Cycle I am going to review today:

Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Exercise bikes (Wikipedia) such as the slim cycle are an excellent alternative choice to the gym. They provide an easy, hassle-free way of getting the physical activity required and help you lose weight.

Currently, there are many choices available in the market. If you are looking for budget-friendly options, you could opt for a few with essential features like various levels of workout resistance, and a few to none programming options. The higher-end ones will come with more advanced features such as many preset workout programs, multiple profile settings, more extended warranty, and connectivity options.

Before we dig deep into the must-have features, you need to have a good understanding of your fitness goals.  Think about how frequently you are going to use it, and your level of fitness. Be realistic, and don?t make the mistake of overestimating your needs, and to believe that you can manage to keep with sophisticated workouts.

Once you have realistic expectations, it will become easier for you to choose the right exercise bike.

Before learning all the essential features, you need to understand the types of exercise bikes. There are three types of bikes: 1) Upright, 2) Recumbent, and 3) Spinning. We shall take a quick look at the first two types as they are relevant to this article.

Upright Bike Vs Recumbent Bike

Upright exercise bikes

Upright bike example
An Upright Bike

Upright exercise bikes resemble regular bikes. They come with a small and high seat, without any back support, front hand position. Your body would be sitting above the frame, and pedals like you would ride a traditional bicycle. A rider would have more ease to control the movement.

These are not recommended for people who are looking to lose weight as the smaller seat can cause aches and pains in the buttocks. The lack of back support could pose issues to some.

At the same time, an upright exercise bike would provide the following benefits:

  • Very similar workout when related to outdoor cycling
  • The same set of muscles, including abdominal muscles, will be used as in outdoor cycling
  • Also provides some limited upper body workout

Recumbent exercise bikes

An example of a a Recumbent Bike
A Recumbent Bike

Using a recumbent bike, you will be sitting in a reclined position, which is a more comfortable position. Seats are more comfortable in that you will feel like you are sitting in a regular chair. However, using this bike may not give you the feeling of riding an outdoor bicycle.

Recumbent bikes will be more gentle on all of your joints. Because your lower back is supported by a large seat and your knees and ankles are stretched, protected for any impact, you?ll feel a more fluid movement when you bike. 

The following are the benefits of recumbent bikes:

  1. Easier on the lower back
  2. Safer to use, especially for seniors and for those that are rehabilitating
  3. Due to the low impact, an excellent choice for those that are currently overweight and working out to lose weight

Main Features

The following are some of the features you might be looking for when you buy a slim cycle.


You would need a bright display with easy-to-use controls. The screen should show at the minimum your heart rate, calories burned (this would be an estimate), speed, RPM (revolutions per minute), and selected resistance levels. Of course, the speed and distance covered should be shown as well.


For budget-friendly options, you may not get as many programming options. More expensive bikes come with a multitude of these options. These options include storing many profiles in a family, for example, heart-rate controlled workouts, fitness progress, and preset workouts.

Heart-Rate Monitor

Most bikes come with this option. They monitor your heart rate via surface measurements, and you will have to touch these surfaces while you workout. These are generally the handles on an upright bike and rods next to you if it is a recumbent bike.


In my experience, this feature is one of the essentials. Giving users the ability to set different levels of resistance. Based on your fitness levels, you can choose from a low level and challenging level. The resistance level is usually selected electronically by using the controls.


Like with any other exercise equipment, you need to be careful as these bikes have moving parts. If left alone with children around, this can be dangerous. Bikes that can be folded and stowed away are safer in that way.

With a concise buying guide provided above, let us review the slim cycle 2-in-1 exercise bike from As Seen on TV (Telebrands).

Slim Cycle? 2-In-1 Exercise Bike Product Review

This slim cycle boasts itself as the perfect home exercise machine for cardio. It is a folding indoor stationary exercise bike with arm resistance bands for upper body strengthening.

While some of the commercials say that all you need is 10 minutes of cycling to transform your body, we know better. Ten minutes is far better when compared to none, and however, if you want to achieve any serious fitness or weight loss results, you would have to do longer workouts.

That being said, Slim Cycle from BulbHead (as sold on Amazon) does provide you all the features you would need to succeed in achieving the desired results.

The main selling point for this slim cycle is that it gives you the ability to change it from an upright position (used for an intense workout) to a recumbent position (for low impact workout). This is the 2-in-1 option that is advertised.


This bike also comes with handles and a large opening. This large opening helps riders to get on and of the Slim Cycle quickly. The seat is 2.5-inches think memory foam and the hight can be adjusted. The specification says that the bike should be able to accommodate users with heights between 4′ 11″ and 6′ 4″. However, users taller than 5′ 11″ have reported slight discomfort. The bike should be able to support with its backrest for users up to 300 lbs.


  • Adjustable magnetic resistance
  • The ability to track heart rate and miles via a large digital display
  • Two operating positions (upright and recumbent)
  • Access to free-cycling videos, including instruction
  • Can accommodate a wide variety of heights
  • Includes backrest
  • Competitive price


  • Seat angle is fixed
  • Some may find the sidebars next to the hips are not spaced far enough
  • Although good for users with heights between 4′ 11″ and 6′ 4″, users on the lower end may not be able to use the recumbent option



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Slim Cycle’s measurements?

When open: 42-inches H x 21.5-inches W x 43-inches L
When closed: 52-inches H x 21.5-inches W x 22-inches L

Can I adjust the upper body resistance bands?

The upper body resistance bands can be adjusted. To increase resistance, just push the band up through the handle to the desired length, then pull through locking ring. To decrease, push the band through the handle to the desired length, then pull through the locking ring. Only one side of the upper body resistance band is adjustable. If you?re unable to adjust the upper body resistance bands, try the other side.

What is Slim Cycle’s weight limit?

Slim Cycle can support a person up to 300 lbs. However, please note at least one rider above 225 lbs found it difficult to use.

How much does Slim Cycle weigh?

Slim Cycle weighs 39 pounds, 6 ounces.

How many pedal settings are there?

The Slim cycle has 8 magnetic resistance settings for the pedals. Just turn the dial below the handlebars to increase or decrease the pedal resistance. It is advised to set this setting back to zero while storing the bike.



Below, you will see what some of the Slim Cycle customers are saying:

Excellent Bike.

“Received the Slim Cycle a few days ago. Great so far. Very easy to assemble.”-Julie B.

I absolutely love this bike.

“I bought this bike for me to use after my day job. I don’t get to exercise much because I am working all day, but this bike allows me to get a good 20-minute workout in after I come home from work! I don’t know if I’ve lost weight yet (I just started), but I feel great using it. I really like that it has the stand on the display so I can use my IPad while I pedal.”-Daniel P. 


Final Words

Slim Cycle As Seen on TV 2-in-1 stationary bike is an excellent choice if you are looking for a versatile bike (upright, recumbent), easy to fold, and that includes upper body strengthening. The reviewers are very positive across the board. This should remove any question you may have regarding brands from As Seen on TV. This will be a great addition either to home gym equipment or as a stand-alone indoor exercise bike.

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  1. Juanita Rodriguez

    I just ordered a Slim Cycle 5/27/2020 and was happy to get it shipped free. But at the end of getting my order complete Fernando, the agent I was speaking with said he was going to send the top 20 magazine for 1 month free then I would be billed if I decide to keep the subscription. I said no do not send them. He said thank you, you enjoy the rest of the day and hung up. I just wanted someone else to know I said no to the magazine and do not want a subscription. Didn’t know where to note my complaint.

  2. Ian Keane

    It is a nice bike, but the company is terrible.. I ordered the slim cycle with the upgrade, selecting the offered payment plan thru Klarna. For over a month I could not get confirmation of my order. Every time I called I sat on hold 20-30 minutes or was hung up on. The only people I could talk to were the representatives who take orders who could not find a record of my order. Klarna took my money but stated they did not see an order. 7 weeks later after I disputed the charge, I received the bike with none of the upgraded equipment I had paid for. I called and the customer service representative needed to be told countless times what we did not receive (belt, mat, water bottle holder, etc). Here it is a month later and despite him promising these items, nothing. I will never buy from them again and will spread the word to all the active duty and veteran members I know. Buyer beware

    1. Emmit

      Call your credit card company. Dispute the charge and have it reversed. The company will contact you

  3. Elaine

    Never received my bike. The customer service is awful. They lie and tell you that you will get what you order! Don’t recommend to order from them.

    1. Healy Jones

      Wow, that is not good to hear! Thanks for sharing.

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