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Proform ZT8 Treadmill Reviews

Cases of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, hypertension, and heart disease have been on the rise. One of the ways to prevent and deal with such conditions is to observe a healthy lifestyle.

This means eating healthy and engaging in physical exercises. Treadmills have made it easy for people to walk, jog and run from the comfort of your home. We have researched and compiled information based on Proform ZT8 reviews to help you choose the workout equipment that will meet your needs.

If you would like to stay fit and lead a healthy life, kindly read on to learn more about the Proform ZT8.

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What is Proform ZT8 Treadmill?

The fast pace of modern life leaves very little time to exercise and observe a healthy lifestyle. This is why the Proform ZT8 Treadmill seeks to meet the lifestyle needs of those who have busy schedules. The modern equipment is designed to offer you the numerous benefits associated with regular exercise. The ZT8 is reliable, affordable and adaptive to enable you to choose the different options that match your exercise schedule.

Apart from the folding frame design of the ZT8, the treadmill has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and comes with a 2.75 horsepower motor. You will also get a 6-inch LCD that allows you to choose from over 20 built-in workout programs. The system is compatible with audio features and can help you to monitor your heart rate.

What can Proform ZT8 Treadmill do?

In a world that is awash with concrete jungles, it is increasingly becoming difficult to get ample space and time to take a walk, jog or take part in yoga. When little time is left to prepare fresh and healthy food, the Proform ZT8 can help you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The Proform ZT8 Treadmill has a lightweight and foldable design that will allow you to do your workouts at home. The dimensions of the treadmill make it easy to save on space, a factor that will enable you to place it in your home without much rearranging of the space.

While you may think that the compact design of the ZT8 will limit your workout program, you will be surprised at the numerous options that the treadmill presents you with. The tread belt is wide and long enough to enable you to stretch every stride and jog comfortably. There are also over 20 workout programs that are designed to widen the workout options that you have.

This treadmill is made to entertain you as you exercise, bringing in some fun and excitement to the activity. Your safety is guaranteed every time you are walking or jogging on the belt, thanks to the side plates that will help you to regain balance.

Design and specifications

Proform ZT8 Treadmill reviews reveal a product that is designed for use at home but offers you the great experience you would enjoy at the gym. With a unique design that produces a lightweight and foldable piece of equipment, the ZT8 offers you great convenience. The treadmill offers a host of modern features that are bound to change and improve your workout program.

Technical details and specification

The Proform ZT8 treadmill measures 57.1 by 72.22 by 33.87 inches with a tread belt whose dimensions are 60 inches and 20 inches for the length and width respectively. The frame of the equipment is made of steel, a factor that makes it strong and durable even with heavy use. The ZT8 comes with transport wheels that make your work easy when you want to move it from place to place.


Based on various Proform ZT8 treadmill reviews, the equipment offers numerous modern features that are helpful in exercise programs. The dimensions and weight of the treadmill allow you the convenience of a comprehensive workout in your home. The features make it ideal workout equipment for any person who is keen on leading a healthy lifestyle and achieving fitness.

The Proform ZT8 treadmill is iFit compatible, a factor that allows you to access different professional workout programs. If you have subscribed to the iFit program, you will be able to create customized workout program. The treadmill will also give you access to professional programs that are in line with your fitness goals.

With the dimensions of the treadmill, you will have a roomy tread belt. This will give you a great chance to engage in different workout comfortably and without feeling confined. You will be able to walk, jog and run while enjoying plenty of room to stretch out every stride. The tread belt is also designed to last for many years with minimal to no maintenance.

This workout equipment comes with a commercial motor that gives out 2.75 horsepower. The motor supplies enough power to the tread belt, helping to keep you in great shape. What makes this motor great is the fact that it delivers a proven, durable, powerful and smooth run. The power supplied also ensures that the belt stays cool regardless of the workout.

Most of the Proform ZT8 Treadmill reviews show that a good number of customers were impressed by the innovative design of this piece of equipment. The frame is not only lightweight but also foldable and compact. This makes it easy for you to lift the treadmill and helps you to save on storage space.

The ZT8 treadmill features a 6-inch backlit display that has an easy to use design. The screen displays important information that guides you through the exercise program. You will be able to see the distance, incline level, speed, heart rate, time and number of calories burned.

The design and construction of the ZT8 treadmill takes into account the fact that different people may want to use the equipment. This is why the treadmill has a huge weight capacity. The maximum weight capacity of the Proform treadmill is 325 pounds.

This treadmill allows you access to different workout programs so as to make it easy for you to achieve your goals. There are about 24 pre-set workout programs for cardio, fat loss and performance. While the wide variety of programs may make it difficult to settle on the best workout, they are meant to meet your different workout needs.

Although there are different controls to enable you to manage your workout program, the controls are easy to use and can be easily accessed. Whenever you are walking or jogging on the belt, you will be in a position to control the speed, incline and of course the best workout program.

The Proform treadmill goes beyond offering you a great workout experience to give you convenience even as you exercise. The frame of the ZT8 treadmill features large cup holders that allow you to place your drink within close reach. You will not have to stop your exercise when you want to drink some water.

The ZT8 treadmill comes with some of the standard safety features found in other treadmills in the ZT series. Beyond the entertainment features, you will have a set of handles as well as side plates in case you lose your balance while on the tread belt. You will also find a safety key fitted on the console.

The console design makes this piece of equipment presents you with a host of features that are aimed at improving your experience as you use the treadmill.

A quick aside before we continue with the ZT8 – we are currently really into combining working from home with working out. And one of the best ways to do this is to combine a treadmill with a standing desk. But not just any fitness device do – check out our list of the best under desk treadmills for your home office. And to cut to the chase, our current favorite is by Mobvio. Read our Mobvio treadmill review and see why!

What we love about Proform ZT8 Treadmill

There are many things to like about the Proform ZT8 treadmill. When you buy this piece of equipment, you are likely to enjoy the same amazing features.

The treadmill allows you to adjust some settings to as to achieve incline training. This kind of training introduces a new twist to your workout, making it more fun and helping you to achieve your goals quickly.

The controls on the console give you the opportunity to choose the speed at which you wish to exercise. This means that you can choose the most suitable speed for walking, jogging and running, depending on the activity you want to engage in.

The ProShox Cushioning of the ZT8 treadmill is designed to reduce the impact on your joints. This helps you to enjoy a more comfortable workout and to have quicker recovery after the workout session.

The built-in fan of the treadmill has two-speed settings. You can adjust the speed of the fan to ensure that you keep cool throughout the workout session. Indeed, being comfortable will allow you to enjoy the session more.

Compared to other treadmills in the same category, the Proform ZT8 treadmill comes with an affordable price tag. Even with the affordable prices, the piece of equipment carries a manufacturer?s warranty against defects in material and workmanship.


  • A large and durable tread belt that meets your needs effectively
  • iFit allows you more exposure to a variety of fitness programs
  • 22 workout apps to give you more options when you exercise
  • An inexpensive and lightweight design that allows you to save space
  • The treadmill has a top speed of 12 miles per hour
  • Compatible with audio features such as iPod
  • 6-inch display screen with backlight
  • Power incline up to a maximum of 12%


  • Does not have a wireless chest strap that would improve workout performance
  • Heart rate monitoring does not work as great as you might expect
  • It can be a bit difficult to assemble the different parts of the treadmill


The ZT8 treadmill is designed to help anyone with a busy schedule to lead a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can be achieved through, among other measures, eating healthy meals and engaging in physical exercises. However, the fast pace of modern life does not allow most people to take the measures necessary for healthy living. This exposes such people to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. If Proform ZT8 Treadmill reviews are anything to go by, the machine has a compact design and allows for different workout programs, factors that make it ideal for use at home. Kindly click here for a close look at the treadmill.


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