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ProForm 505 CST Treadmill Review 2021

The ProForm 505 CST treadmill comes with excellent features in budget-friendly price which is designed especially for convenience and durability. The manufacturing materials are high grade and ensure user satisfaction – a good value for the price range.

ProForm 505 CST is an entry-level treadmill that does not compromise with comfort and convenience. It will help you to have a great work out session on this with its high-quality performance.

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proform 505 cst treadmill review


What is the ProForm 505 CST treadmill?

Proform 505 CST is a space saver treadmill with beautiful folding design with safety and soft running surface, heartbeat rate monitoring system and sound system with excellent long time warranty. The control area is pretty easy to operate. It?s manufactured with bottle holders and reading rack for more convenient use.

The most amazing feature of proform 505 CST treadmill you will like that is all available workout features. It includes fifteen auto programmed workout option what is designed by certified trainers as well as made with Ifit feature to let you in the world of unlimited workout options.

What can this proform 505 CST treadmill Do?

First I would like to let you know that if you?re looking for a budget treadmill and want to have features and benefits in it as per your budget, this is perfect for your expectations. If you ask me to describe in short ? this is what in one in all.

The designs and features will allow you to make sure you will enjoy every second of your time on this. Also, the space-saver design will help you to keep it fold when it?s not in use and will help you to save space in your house.
Now coming back to the point, with the features, durability and space-saving feature proform 505 CST will also let you have smooth movement with heart rate monitor and walking speed and distance.

A 2.5 CHP in operation motor will help you to control the power of walk by manually and automatically. Its can be variable up to 10% and the speeds from 0 ? 10 mile per hour.
The running area is completely safe as it has been made with proshox cushioning feature to save your knees during you are walking on this.
It made with 15 workouts programmed which are made by workout experts to make sure, you are on the right track with the right feature.
The long-time warranty facility provides a lifetime warranty for the full frames and motor parts for one year.

Designed and specification of proform 505 CST

Technical details

  • Motor:? 2.5 CHP Mach Z Commercial Motor
  • Incline Level: Quick 0 ? 10%
  • Maximum Speed: 10 mph
  • Preset Programs: 18 built-in workouts
  • Weight Capacity: 325 pounds


The proform 505 CST is a high-quality treadmill with great feature what is amazingly perfect for all types of users. The unique and space-saving design performs well enough from any kind of aspect. Whether you are a professional runner or amateur the proform 505 CST is one of the best equipment upon your demand which will help you to have a pro experience with its amazing features.

Space-saving design and the feature will help you to save space in your house.
325 pounds weight capacity will ensure a sturdy placement.
Proshox cushioning ensures complete safety and smooth running.
The compatible audio feature will ensure the quality rhythmic time.
Automated running systems with 15 different types of guidance will make sure you are on the right track of training.
Quick incline from 0 ? 10%
Broad warranty facility.
Heart rate monitor works by hand grips.

I must say you here, most of the time I write a review of the best products, I have to research more about it and put many data together to find out best features and facility of the specific product.

Honestly, the motor is not the most powerful motor in the world of the treadmill. , but its 2.5HP motor speed is not that much worse too. The extra added Z category commercial motor rating has made it different from all other budget treadmills. proform 505 CST comes with a motor that is electromagnetic, which is powerful, noiseless and long-lasting in operation.

As I have been told earlier about the outstanding features of the built-in 15 different running programs, they are instructed by workout experts. They are the properly certified trainers who providing workout training to many people every day. As a result, you can feel confident to be trusted on their programmed feature to get expected results.

There are many treadmills available which may make you bored walking on it. Because most of them do not have a sound system, as a result when you walk on it you have to keep your headphones in your ear all the time. But proform 505 CST will not let you feel your walk bored as it has iPod and android supported sound system.


Features and benefits

  • Space saver design – Helps to save space during not using it in the house as it is a vertically folding designed running machine.
  • Weight capacity – its 325 pounds weight capacity ensure complete safety even for a heavyweight person too.
  • ProShox cushioning – ensure comfortable running time during its use. It also helps to reduce the stress for knee, ankle, joint, and feet. Also, consider fast recovery with a long-time running period.
  • Big LCD display – will help to monitor and track performance, calories calculation, heart rate, mileage, speed, etc.
  • Included workout apps – 18 included workout apps makes running session convenient and simple. Also, a professional training program ensures maximum output from the running sessions.
  • Quick speed control – helps to increase the speed on-demand in quick time, as well as having great control over less speed on time.
  • Wide and long tread belt – wide and long belt ensure roomy deck. As a result, when you will run, you will not feel congested or a small area to move on your run.
  • Compatible music port – can be connected to I phone and android to make your running time more enjoyable with sounds and music.

0 – 10 MPH Quick Speed Control

It’s hard to find a person who wants to run 15 miles per hour. It is really an amazing feature of this proform 505 CST treadmill that it knows how to manage it. Here you should thank the perfect motor size which has a great quality wheel and speed ratio.

The manufacturer is really proud to be introduced this kind of technology in the market which can give its users complete satisfaction and guaranteed quality measurement. The boosting service facility ensures everyday performance without consuming excessive units of electricity.

The feature of a quick speed control button will help you to take control of your speed instantly which will help you to keep focused on your every step of work properly.

Tread belt features

If you are running in-home and having a workout with a trainer, you must need to concern your safety first. To ensure your safety and for outstanding performance Proform 505 CST treadmill offers 20 * 55-inch high-quality belt facilities.

proform 505 CST treadmill comes with a perfect space around it shaped and has enough space on its belt. As a result, you will never feel uncomfortable or congested when you will walk on it. Even though for a long time too.

The 20-inch wide belt will allow your upper side body extra elbowroom. As manufacturers declared on their sites, to check and ensure the belt quality they have tested millions of rounds of belts to make sure they are in quality compliance.

LED display with an extra room feature

I know, when it’s about spending on something, you will want to get perfect stuff with all benefits and features. proform 505 CST treadmill comes with a blue LED display with many function buttons on top of it. The blue LED system will help you to walk with the all information on display even though in low light.

The display also consists of the information of heart rate, walking distance, walking speed, duration of walking to distance, how many calories you burn and all.

The Pros

  • Comfortable – because of Proshox cushioning Profom 505 CST treadmill became more comfortable than other treadmills. Its ensued longer session on running machine with great safety.
  • User-friendly – Profom 505 CST treadmill comes with simple and easy navigation that helps users to operate it pretty easily and confidently.
  • Assembly – it takes only around 60 ? 90 min to assemble before using it for the first time.
  • Warranty – Profom 505 CST treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty. As well as 25 years warranty on motors and 1 year on labor and parts.

The Cons

  • Space requirement – when it will be down on the floor to run on it, it requires a bit extra room for it whereas others don?t take too much space.
  • Heavyweight – the weight of the Profom 505 CST treadmill is heavy. As a result, you won’t want to move it unless you need to move it.
  • Damaged parts – very less amount of buyers have a complaint about damaged parts during the shipment. Which is easily resolvable.


The main problem of the available treadmill in the market is the quality and performance. It’s hard to find out the best one as there are so many options. However, my review will help you to understand why you should go specifically Proform 505 CST treadmill.

Also, I believed my reviewed have covered all the essential information you should know as a buyer before you make the decision to purchase anything where satisfaction and safety are the main issues.

I would suggest you buy it from reputable suppliers to make sure your purchase will be a proper investment. Reputable suppliers, here I mean dealers like AMAZON. Click here on the below link to check out the price and more about the proform 505 CST treadmill.

Thanks for reading Proform 505 CST treadmill review.

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