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Obe Fitness Reviews

We all know that staying active and keeping our bodies moving, whether we spend most of our time inside or outside of the home, is crucial for a healthy body and mind.

However, sometimes, that’s easier said than done. After a long day at work or an afternoon spent looking after the kids, even the commute to the gym can seem like an insurmountable task, let alone the process of actually working out.

That’s why fitness apps like Obé are absolutely invaluable to busy professionals, students, parents, and just about anyone who struggles to find the time and motivation for regular exercise.

Obé is an application that was developed relatively recently and claims to help people from every walk of life to complete five workout classes each week, cultivating a consistent, realistic, and beneficial lifestyle.

From on-demand fitness classes to live sessions and exciting training programs, Obé certainly has a lot to offer. But how effective is Obé’s app design in real life? Read on for our honest opinion.

An Introduction to Obé

You already know that Obé is a fitness application designed to bring flexibility and motivation to your workout routine. However, there are plenty of apps available on the market that fulfill the same description. So, what exactly makes Obé special?

Obé was founded and launched in 2018 by Ashley Mills and Mark Mullett. The brand name is an acronym for Our Body Electric, and its pronunciation of ‘obey’ has an additional meaning, motivating class participants to heed their commitment to fitness and personal development.

The founders were committed to creating an app that was compatible with real life. Many of the pre-existing applications designed to facilitate realistic home workout regimens were falling short in the sense that their workouts were often too long and didn’t make accommodations for specific fitness needs such as pre and post-natal classes and kid-friendly workouts.

Since launching three years ago, Obé has blown the fitness world away with its short, effective sessions, inspirational team of instructors, and inclusivity of various physical and scheduling requirements.

So, without further ado, let’s go through the features and functions available through the Obé application and see if it really lives up to the hype!

Obé Fitness' Programs and Classes

Possibly the most instrumental feature in propelling the Obé fitness app to the forefront of the workout community is the wide and diverse range of classes and programs that users can access with their Obé membership. 

On-Demand Classes by Obé

The ability to select and take part in workout classes on demand is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that you can fit your exercise routine around your schedule. 

Of course, live classes (which we’ll talk about in a moment) are instrumental in providing motivation and a real-time sense of community. 

However, it can be tricky to find a consistent slot in your schedule that also ties in with your preferred live workout class. 

For this reason, Obé has over 5000 on-demand fitness classes available through the app at any time. What this means is that you can get your workout done in your preferred style of exercise and at the time that suits you best. 

Something we really like about the selection of on-demand classes available through Obé is that there really is something for everyone. 

Fans of high-impact, intense workouts will love the HIIT sessions, while those hoping to combine their fitness journey with lessons in mindfulness and positive mental health will enjoy the yoga and meditation classes. 

Mothers can benefit from the core-focused pre and post-natal workout classes, and kids can improve their fitness in fun ways through the child-friendly classes. There are even classes for seniors!

Of course, you can find all the standard workout classes you would expect from a fitness app, such as pilates, body sculpting, and weight training classes. However, if you’re looking for a workout class that’s as much fun as it is hard work, you’ll love the dance, dance HIIT, and cardio boxing sessions. 

Most classes are under 28 minutes long, so you can always find a way to fit them around your prior commitments. With that being said, prepare to get your sweat on because these classes make up for being time-savers by working you extra hard. 

Additionally, although some of the workouts do require the use of equipment such as weights, there are plenty of equipment-free classes that you can complete with nothing but your body and a positive attitude. 

Live Sessions 

Although on-demand workout classes are super convenient and a great way to ensure that you always have the time to exercise, live sessions can be even better when it comes to getting your motivation levels up. 

Obé streams 14 live classes each day, all scheduled ahead of time so you can plan the rest of your week around your workouts. 

The classes cover all the different workout styles supported by Obé, so whether you’re a dancer or a weight-lifter at heart, there will always be a live class to meet your needs. 

These live sessions are so motivational because of the tailored soundtracks that accompany them, put together to get you in the zone, and real-time shout-outs from the amazing instructors (more on them in a moment!)

Training Programs 

When you download the Obé app and secure your membership, you also have the option of subscribing to training programs. 

The training programs available through Obé are designed to motivate you to stick to a workout routine, which is the most important aspect of turning working out from a ‘phase’ into a lifestyle. 

You can sign up to programs of all different lengths, ranging from a week to a month. The postnatal program has no time restriction, which we think is fantastic because it provides the foundation for getting back into the swing of working out after birth without adding more pressure to an already stressful time. 

The programs also cover a wide range of exercise types, from The Yoga Deep Dive to the super-intense Harder AF program, which focuses on building strength and endurance. 

Express Classes 

We all have those days once in a while where we literally don’t seem to have any time for ourselves at all. On those days, finding the time to work out can be extra hard and can even seem impossible. 

With Obé’s Express classes, however, there’s no room for excuses. These super-short, 10-minute sessions pack an intense workout into a short amount of time, so even if you just have 10 minutes to spare between hanging out the laundry and brushing your teeth, you can still get a decent workout in. 

Professional Instructors 

A review of Obé’s services just wouldn’t be complete without a dedicated mention of the company’s incredible instructors!

Obé has 37 instructors, all highly qualified and with their own specialist areas, to support and encourage you throughout your fitness journey. 

Each instructor has their own short profile on the Obé website, so you can choose to work with the instructor that you think would resonate most with your personality and goals. 

User Interface

One of the things that struck us about the Obé app is how well laid-out and easy to navigate the application is. 

Everything is clearly set out with intuitive menus and icons that make navigating the app simple and stress-free. 

We also really like the way that the search functions are tailorable, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds without having to scroll through endless options. 

For example, the instructor profiles can be filtered by workout type, so you can easily see which instructors are available for your preferred routines. 

Moreover, the classes in the on-demand library can be filtered by type, ability level, length, focus, impact, equipment, and instructor, so you can tailor your search to your priorities, find your perfect class, and get going in minutes!

Additional Features

Free Trial 

Admittedly, although it’s certainly not extortionately priced by any means, Obé is far from the cheapest fitness app out there. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all, given the high quality of the instruction and the incredible variety of classes you get to choose from. 

However, the reality is that the monthly, quarterly, and annual payment plans will constitute a significant investment for many people. 

Luckily, Obé extends its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility by allowing for a 7-day free trial when you sign up for the app. This gives you a whole week to familiarize yourself with the classes and programs on offer, try out the ones that appeal most to you, and see the benefits of one week of Obé fitness for yourself. 

If, at the end of the trial, you decide that the quality and quantity of workouts is worth it for the price (which we definitely think you will), you can simply allow your subscription to run on as normal and pay the monthly, quarterly, or annual rate. 

On the other hand, if you decide it’s not for you or you just can’t afford it right now, you can cancel your subscription before the end of the trial without being charged. 

Obé Fitness Overview


  • 5000+ on-demand classes – Time-flexible 
  • 14 live classes daily – In-person motivation and support 
  • Express classes – Quick workouts for busy days 
  • Kids and senior classes – Suitable for all ages 
  • 19 types of classes – Wide range of exercises 
  • 37 qualified instructors – Professional and friendly teaching
  • Intuitive app layout – Easy to navigate 
  • Filtered search functions – Time-saving and intuitive 
  • Free trial available – Try risk-free for 7 days 


  • Some workouts call for equipment – Extra purchases may be necessary for certain classes 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my Obé subscription?

If you’ve tested the waters with your free trial and decided that this isn’t the right app for you, you can easily cancel your Obé subscription before charges are incurred. 

Just go to the Settings menu via your mobile device (no need to log into the website as with some other applications) and select ‘Subscriptions.’ You’ll be asked for authentication before proceeding.

Then, all you need to do is select the Obé subscription tab and click ‘Cancel.’ 

Can Obé instructors watch you during classes? 

No, the Obé instructors don’t actually watch you during the classes, although they can see who has shown up for the class via a list of participants.

If you’re a self-conscious person or just prefer to keep your workouts private, you don’t have to worry about anyone scrutinizing or judging your progress – not that anybody would, in any case!

Will Obé help me to lose weight? 

If you use Obé as recommended (five sessions a week, comprising two cardio classes and three strength-building sessions) while consuming a healthy and balanced diet, you are more than likely to see some weight loss on the scales. 

However, it’s important to remember that your three strengthening classes each week will (hopefully) be building up your muscle mass as well as burning fat.

Muscle weighs more than fat, so don’t be alarmed if you see that your weight isn’t changing very much or even goes up a little. 

Progress shouldn’t be measured exclusively by the scale but also by how you feel and whether you are meeting your goals.

Regardless of what the scale says, using Obé regularly will absolutely help you to tone up, boost your fitness levels, and generally feel much better.

Is OBE Fitness Good For Beginners?

OBE Fitness caters to all individuals regardless of fitness level. Whether you are a regular gym-goer or a beginner there is a course to suit you. 

The OBE ‘Just Getting Started’ program is aimed at beginners and features a series of straightforward workouts that do not call for the use of any equipment. The idea behind this program is to familiarize new users with OBE and the instructors. The program lasts for seven days, with each workout focussing on a different element of fitness. 

Day 1 lasts for 15 minutes and focuses on ‘fitness for beginners’. Day 2 moves onto ‘balance for beginners’ and is slightly shorter lasting only 10 minutes. Day 3 lasts for 10 minutes and focuses on butt and legs.

Again day 4 lasts for 10 minutes and covers a circuit workout, whilst workout for day 5 is core conditioning. Day 6 focuses on arms, whilst day 7 rounds up the program with a dance workout. 

Each of the workouts covers a different area so that you know what to expect before jumping in. A great thing about OBE is that it aims to make working out fun and easy. 

What Equipment Do You Need For OBE?

The majority of OBE on-demand classes don’t require the use of any complex pieces of equipment. For some classes, you may need a hand mat, a yoga mat, or a chair.

You will likely favor the use of a yoga mat as it will essentially provide you with a layer of comfort and protection against the ground below.

Of course, a yoga mat is going to be beneficial for workouts where you will be spending a large majority of the time on the floor as you needn’t worry about developing any aches or pains. 

Dumbbells are great for those who want to add more weight to their workouts. The exact weight of the dumbbell that you use will depend on your strength and ability. 

Some of the workouts will call for the use of a resistance band and there are a few dance-related workouts that require the use of a trampoline. 

Several yoga workouts will require you to use ankle weights, yoga blocks, and a barre ball. However, do not worry if you don’t have many or all of this apparatus readily available because there is a selection of workouts that do not require the use of any equipment. 

What Are The Best OBE Fitness Classes?

OBE has a catalog of over 6,000 workouts that are available on demand. There are 15 different types of workouts to choose from. Some are short and last for 10 minutes whilst others are longer, lasting for 60 minutes which is ideal for those who want to partake in a more intense workout. 

The classes can range from dance to pilates, HIIT, yoga, cardio boxing, and barre. There are also classes for kids and seniors and you can input your current fitness level. 

Identifying which fitness class is best is going to be determined by preference and what you enjoy. Many would suggest that the OBE pilates class is one of the best classes available on the app.

This class focuses on building core strength. The workout is accompanied by upbeat music which adds a fun element and the instructors are encouraging. 

Another great class is the dance HIIT class. This workout is an excellent option for those that like to engage in high-intensity classes. Again the music is upbeat and the instructors keep you feeling energized for the duration. 

You are bound to find a class that you enjoy from the overwhelming selection that is available. 


Final Thoughts

If you’ve been wanting to work on your fitness for a while but can never seem to muster up the motivation or find the time to exercise, the Obé fitness app is definitely for you.

No matter how old or young you are, whether you prefer yoga or HIIT workouts, or how much free time you have on a daily basis, the classes and instructors available through the Obé app will motivate you and help you to unlock your true potential.

The workouts are diverse, inclusive, and fun, while the app is easy to navigate, all of which make for a stress-free and rewarding workout experience.

The payment plans may feel a little steep depending on your budget, but given the opportunity for a risk-free, 7-day free trial, we’d highly encourage you to try Obé today!

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