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MYX vs Peloton vs Stryde Bike

If you’re looking for a connected/smart spin bike for your home, you’ve probably come across Peloton, Stryde Bike and MYX. However, you might be having some difficulty trying to pinpoint the key differences between these bikes, and more specifically, identifying which is best-suited to your needs. 


In this article, we’ll be breaking down the key features of each of Peloton, MYX, and Stryde – and will help you pick the best one for your home gym…

MYX vs Peloton vs Stryde Bike

Peloton is the original “heart-pumping cardio experience” for your home workout that’s taken the country by storm. Dopes Peloton have such a bigger brand name than MYX and Stryde Bike just because it came out first?

Well – that certainly helps. But there are some other, amazing features that continue to make it one of the top smart home gym bikes. 

First of all, it has a sturdy yet compact 4’ x 2’ frame that fits comfortably in your home, with an adjustable seat, handlebar and screen to accommodate multiple family members. The near-silent drive belt allows you to enjoy working out at any hour, without worrying about disturbing other members of the household. It really is quiet. 

And of course, there’s the 21.5″ HD touchscreen which provides an immersive workout experience, allowing you to connect your WiFi or Bluetooth™-enabled device such as a heart rate monitor or smartwatch. As well as this, Peloton provides you with a range of live weekly classes to make your home workouts exciting and varied. 

Classes range from 5 to 90 minutes, and are led by top instructors who provide words of encouragement and motivation throughout your sessions. You can also keep things interesting by choosing from a variety of difficulty levels, class types and music genres. 

To give you an idea of what’s on offer, there’s low-impact introductory classes so beginners can get to grips with the basics, “climb” rides that are perfect for building strength, “power zone” rides to increase endurance, strength and speed, and even opportunities to ride to curated playlists of your favorite artists like A$AP Ferg, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Lizzo and Weezer, as well as Live DJ sessions where top DJs join instructors to give classes a club-like feel, with pulsating beats to get your heart pumping. 

Peloton also allows you to create individual profiles so everyone in your household can access the complete library of classes under one membership. You can also access strength, stretching, yoga and outdoor running classes from any device so you can reap the benefits of your membership even when you’re not working out on the bike. 

What does Peloton Cost?

Peloton packages start at $1,895 for the bike basics, though the membership is sold separately and costs $39/month. There’s no contract, and you can pause and restart the subscription at any time. Peloton also allows you to try the bike at home for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, they’ll pick it up and refund your entire order. That said, the more extensive packages can cost over $2,000, so Peloton is pretty expensive compared with other options, though the vast majority of users seem to think that it’s worth it. 


  • Sturdy, compact bike with adjustable frame 
  • 21.5″ HD touchscreen with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity 
  • Range of classes, difficulty levels and music genres to choose from 
  • One membership for the entire family 
  • Access the app from your phone, tablet, TV and web browser to access strength, stretching, yoga, outdoor running


  • It’s expensive 

Stryde was set up to deliver home workouts that are not only personalized but are affordable. The bike shares many features with Peloton, offering a 4’x 2’ frame and a full HD 21.5” touchscreen tablet. 

It’s equipped with silent magnetic resistance for a smooth, ultra-quiet ride, and offers 100 levels of resistance. It also comes with SPD clips or toe cages for a secure ride, and the tablet offers the major advantage of an unlocked Android platform complete with a web browser which enables you to use programs other than the Stryde bike app itself  – so you can even watch Netflix on it while you work out! 

When you subscribe to the Stryde app, you’re granted access to hundreds of classes filmed at top cycling studios around the country, including High Ride Cycle in Denver, CO; Vibe Ride in Atlanta, GA; and Ride House in Dallas, TX.

Classes range from 20 minutes to an hour, and there are even special themes like 90s hip-hop rides or country themed rides. There aren’t live rides at the moment (they are recorded and available on demand), but this could all change in the future, as Stryde is adding new classes every week. 

Like Peloton, Stryde also allows you to cover multiple profiles with one subscription, allowing you to run up to four profiles on the Stryde app, each with personal workout history.

What does Stryde Cost?

As we said earlier, price is important to Stryde, and the company claims to offer a great price without sacrificing the design of the bike. To do this, they partnered with one of the world’s leading fitness manufacturers and focused on making the company as efficient as possible. This means no fancy stores, no crazy markups – just a reliable bike, high quality content, and big savings for you. Stryde is currently available for a one-off, discounted price of $1,595, or as low as $50 /mo. The optional monthly subscription to the Stryde app is $29/mo, which gives you access to hundreds of workouts. 


  • Cheaper cost and monthly subscription 
  • 21.5” HD screen 
  • Stream and use other apps as well as Stryde 
  • Super quiet, silent magnetic resistance
  • Sturdy, compact bike 
  • Hundreds of classes with different durations, aims and musical themes 
  • One subscription for up to 4 profiles 


  • No live classes at present 

MYX Fitness is another of the recent additions on the market that aims to provide the ‘Peloton Experience’ for a more affordable price. It has a similar build to the other two bikes at 3’4″ long by 1’7″ wide, and weighs 1 pound less than the Peloton at 134lbs. 

The bike utilizes friction resistance by way of a 41-pound flywheel, which provides a smooth and stable ride, though it uses a felt pad for resistance rather than magnetic resistance, and we suspect this may wear more easily in time. The bike features dual-sided pedals that are fitted with both SPD clips and toe cages. 

The MYX Fitness app offers a digital library of more than 500 different fitness programs, so there really is something for everyone. The 21.5-inch screen also features Heart Rate Monitoring and connects to the included Polar Heart Rate Monitor which is a great plus. 

The app syncs with watches and other devices simultaneously, meaning users can combine them any way they choose, or take the app on the road for off-bike workouts such as running. 

What does MYX’s Bike Cost? 

The MYX is significantly cheaper than Peloton and Stryde, at just $1,299, which includes an exercise bike, touchscreen tablet, and heart rate monitor. Membership is required to access MYXfitness streaming fitness content and costs the same as Stryde – $29 per month. Like Peloton and Stryde, each account covers multiple members, in MYX’s case, you can have up to five users.


  • Great build and ergonomics 
  • 500 different fitness programs 
  • 21.5” HD tablet 
  • 41-pound flywheel,
  • Price includes heart monitor 
  • Great price 
  • Up to 5 users per membership 


  • It may not be as high quality as other options 

MYX vs Peloton vs Stryde Bike Buyer's Guide

Similarities between MYX, Peloton and Stryde Bike 

  • Similar sized bikes made from similar materials 
  • Choice of SPD clip-ins/toe cages 
  • All include 21.5” display 
  • All have apps that offer an extensive range of classes 
  • All offer multiple users per membership 
  • All require you to pay separately for the monthly subscription to the app 

Differences between MYX, Peloton and Stryde Bike 

  • Peloton offers live classes 
  • Stryde app is optional as you can also run other programs on the Stryde bike’s tablet 
  • MYX is the cheapest option 
  • MYX comes with a heart rate monitor 
  • Peloton offers different packages, but is still the most expensive 

Which one comes out on top? 

It’s a tough decision, and while Peloton has been the leading choice for a long time when it comes to home cardio workouts, it’s definitely faced with some serious competition when it comes to Stryde and MYX. 

Peloton still offers the best quality and the greatest range of classes. It also includes live classes, which the other two bikes don’t offer right now. However, it is expensive, and not only is it the priciest bike, but it’s also the most expensive subscription. 

MYX and Stryde essentially offer the Peloton bike for a cheaper price, making them far more appealing. While MYX is the cheapest option, Stryde offers you the advantage of being able to use other programs on the tablet, meaning you can opt in or out of the subscription, so it could potentially be the cheapest option in the long run. We were also impressed by its variety of classes, and, while it doesn’t have live classes at present, this could change in the future. 

All of these bikes are great, and, while Peloton is a steadfast choice, MYX and Stryde are great options if you’re looking for a more affordable option. 


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