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FlexIT Vs Future: What’s the Best At-Home Personal Training App?

FlexIT is a mobile app that helps you engage in one-on-one virtual training, monitor your progress, and create customized workouts. Future is a training application that pairs you with a trainer in order for them to create a scheduled workout plan that they can track.

Both apps offer similar features, but they also differ in terms of their user experience. FlexIT is designed for those who want a personal one-on-one training experience, with the perks of flexibility.

On the other hand, Future is geared towards those who would benefit from a clear structure that has been created by an experienced individual.

The Benefits Of Virtual Fitness

While working out at home is convenient, many struggle to find motivation and guidance when doing it on their own. It helps to have another person with you to give you a push. This is where virtual fitness comes in.

Virtual fitness has become very popular in recent years. With the rise of smartphones and wearable technology, people can now stay fit from the comfort of their own homes. In fact, virtual fitness has made it possible for anyone to get into shape without having to leave their house.

There are many benefits to using virtual fitness programs. You don’t have to worry about finding time to work out because you can do it whenever you want. And, you won’t be limited by weather conditions or travel time to get to your nearest gym.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a virtual fitness program, here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

Choose A Program That Suits Your Needs

Before you sign up for any virtual fitness program, it’s important to understand what kind of results you expect from it. Do you want to lose weight? Gain muscle mass? Get stronger? If so, then you’ll need to find a program that will help you achieve those specific goals.

Find The Right Fit

When choosing a virtual fitness program, it’s essential to find one that fits your needs. There are plenty of free online resources available that can help you determine which program is right for you.

Understand How It Works

It’s vital to know how each program works before signing up. Some programs require you to input certain information such as your height, age, gender, etc.

Others may ask you to upload pictures of yourself. Make sure you read through all the instructions carefully to avoid making mistakes.

Be Patient

Although virtual fitness programs can provide instant gratification, it takes time to see real changes in your body. As long as you stick to your routine, you’ll eventually reach your goal.

Join A Community

Joining a community of like-minded individuals can help motivate you to keep going. This is especially true if you’re struggling to meet your goals. Connecting with others who are trying to achieve the same thing can give you the extra push you need to succeed. This is a major reason we like both of these app ideas. In fact, we’ve reviewed a few other communities focused on helping people manage their weight like Calibrate and Noom

The FlexIT App

FlexIT Fitness is an online program that will help you get fit by providing you with personal coaching sessions from professional trainers. The FlexIT App offers a wide variety of exercise classes and routines. You can use this app on any device including smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

You will be involved in live one-to-one training sessions. Furthermore, you are able to choose which trainer you would like to work with, and who would suit your needs best. There are workouts such as HIIT workouts, and even Barre workouts.

Cost And Equipment

Cost And Equipment

The FlexIT app works on a pay-as-you-go basis. The app enables you to decide how long you want your workouts to be, meaning you will only be paying for the amount of time you are working out.

You can purchase 30, 45, and 60-minute workouts. It can cost from $30 to $80 per session, depending on what type of workout you choose. You can think of it as pay-as-you-go personal training sessions through a screen!

The best part about these kinds of apps is you can tailor them to your needs, and this is especially important when it comes to equipment. There’ll be a section when you sign up, where you need to fill out your personal information, such as goals, etc.

Here, you will also include any equipment you have or don’t have. You also have the option of letting your trainer know if you have any equipment before the workout.

Finding Your Trainer

The FlexIT app enables you to scroll through all their trainers in order for you to pick one that suits you best. Each trainer has a biography along with their name and photograph, and this bio outlines their experience, and what kind of workout classes they offer.

It is also super easy to try a few different ones out. Unlike in real life where you choose a personal trainer and more often than not, you need to stick with them, this app makes it easy for you to try out a few different ones!

They also have some short introduction videos, which will help you get a feel for their personality and whether they are someone you can see yourself training with.
All their trainers are fully certified, and you are able to see their previous experience in their bios.

Fitness Profile

Once you book your first session, you are to complete a fitness profile. This is where you will enter any short or long-term goals, and it all goes on your dashboard. This dashboard also helps you keep track of your training plans and classes.

You are also able to monitor and share your progress through this dashboard with your trainers. You can do this by uploading photos, measurements, and weight.

Future Training App

The Future training app is a web-based platform that lets users plan out their workouts and keep track of their daily activities. They can also track their weight loss progress and receive feedback from experts.

How Does It Work?

While FlexIT operates on a pay-as-you-go method, Future uses a monthly membership. This membership is $149 a month, and it is only available on iOS.

You will begin by matching with a coach and entering your fitness goals into the app. Once these two steps are done, you will have a call with your coach, where you will both chat about your goals, and you can get to know each other.

This will give your coach the chance to ask you any questions about your lifestyle, and any areas of fitness that you want to focus on.

After speaking about what kind of experience you are after, your coach will then send you your training plan each Sunday. This training plan is filled with pre-recorded workouts for you to follow each day, and it has been compiled especially for you by your coach.

While they do not work out with you in real-time as they do in FlexIT, they will be calling you throughout the week to check in and see how it is going.

Apple Watch Compatibility

Apple Watch Compatibility

This is where the joys of Apple really get to work. If you have an Apple Watch, your trainer will have you sync it with the app, so they can track your workout. They will be able to see how many calories you have burned, your heart rate, and what exact workout you are doing.

If you don’t have an Apple Watch, Future may lend you one for free. We love smart watches. Check out our comparison of the Apple Watch, Whoop and Fitbit here. 

Who Is Future For?

Future is designed for those who would benefit from a strict workout regime, and who benefit from being held accountable for it. Your coach will check on you most days to see how you are doing. While some may not need this, others really do benefit from accountability, and it helps keep them motivated.

The app also has a recording function. This is useful, so you can record yourself and send videos to your trainer. This is especially important if you are trying out a new workout and want to make sure your form is correct.

How Do Future And FlexIT Compare?

Both apps are great ways to work out at home, interactively. However, there are a few stark differences between the two. While FlexIT involves live one-to-one training sessions, Future has pre-recorded sessions for you to follow.

Despite this, you are in complete control of your workouts in the FlexIT app, whereas Future fitness trainers are the ones who create your schedule for you, and while they don’t work out with you, they will be tracking your progress through your Apple Watch and engaging in several calls with you during the week.

If you have some serious long-term fitness goals, then Future may be the app for you. This is because you will connect with a trainer who creates a personal workout plan that is suited for you.

They will also hold you accountable as they will be calling you to check on your progress regularly throughout the week. This is also beneficial for those who struggle to stay motivated on their own.

FlexIT may be best for those who enjoy working out and want to keep in shape but don’t have too many pressing goals. You are the one in control of your workouts, and you won’t have anyone holding you accountable.

However, even if you do have some long-term goals, this app is useful for those who are happy to create their own workout schedule and are perfectly motivated on their own.

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Final Thoughts

To conclude, both fitness apps are very beneficial and dynamic in their own way. However, as mentioned, Future is a more structured option, and FlexIT offers you more flexibility where you are in charge of your progress and schedule.

It is important that fitness should be enjoyable, so choosing an app that is going to provide you with the most enjoyment is important.

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