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Crossrope Review

Skipping rope used to be a kid-like activity to burn off energy while at the park. But recently this child-like exercise has returned to our adult world.

Crossrope is a North Carolina company that wants us all to feel the same joy of skipping and wants to help us get back into a good exercise routine.

Today, we will explore the Crossrope’s bundles and see if it is better than a simple jump rope from our childhoods. We will also explain what is great about the crossrope and what we aren’t a fan of. This way you can make the decision to buy or avoid the product.

The main question we have so far is “Couldn’t I Just Buy A Cheaper Jump Rope?”. We will tell you the answer at the end of the review.

3 Bundles

Of course, in this smart-tech world a jump rope is not just an ordinary jump rope. It is also an app and a weight “system”. We will talk about the weights in more detail later, but for now let’s look at the app.

The app contains 500 guided workouts to help your exercise stay on track, and continue to feel new and exciting. It can also help you measure your progress as you skip for longer and do more challenging routines. However, not all of these app features come with the bundles. Instead they are an additional fee.

This premium service in the app has a 30 day trial period but then jumps to an expensive yearly subscription. 

That being said, the three bundles also include free access to the app but not the premium version which has more challenges and advanced filtering. 

You can either have the Get Lean bundle, which is aimed at people who want to lose weight; the Get Strong bundle which is aimed at people wanting to gain strength and muscle definition; and the Get Fit Bundle, which includes both handle types.

Each bundle includes the handles for their type, two ropes, a bag to carry it all in, and the Crossrope app (not the premium version).

If you buy the Crossrope, we recommend using the app without the premium set up first. That way you can decide if the basic version has enough interaction to help your exercise routine. If you feel like you need more routines, you can then try the 30 day free trial before committing to the yearly subscription. 

15 to 30 Minute Exercises

In the app, you can find workouts that are 15 to 30 minutes long (although there are a couple that reach 45 minutes). This means that these exercises are perfect for a lunchtime workout. 

Some of the exercises will be exclusively based on the jump rope, while others will have the rope and other moves included. For example, you could expect push-ups, high knees, jumping jacks, and squats as part of the workout.

This means that you will need a large space to work out in, so you can swing the rope around, but also you need to work out in an area that can help you keep up your dynamic movements. 

If you have the premium version of Crossrope’s app, you can filter out any of the exercises that you do not enjoy. For example, if push-ups are not in your arsenal, then you can avoid them in your search for a video.

If you don’t use the premium version, you will still have access to these activities, although the library will be reduced. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, as many people are creatures of habit, and once they find a good workout, they will be unlikely to want to change it for a while.

This means the smaller library could be enough for your lunchtime workouts.

Adding Weights

There are two weights to the Crossrope, the Get Lean rope and the Get Strong rope. 

Before we saw exactly what the Crossrope was, we assumed this “Get Strong” rope would allow users to add more weight to the rope as they progressed in their training. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to add more weight to your ropes just yet, so if you find that the Get Strong rope is not weighty enough to push your limits, you may have to give up more time to do repetitions instead.

This isn’t the worst thing in the world, however, it does make us doubt the usefulness of the “Get Strong” rope bundle. Instead, it might be better to choose the “Get Lean” bundle and push for a longer workout time.

This means that the 15 to 30 minute workouts might end up becoming 1 hour to reach your growing needs.

That being said, skipping rope is more of a cardio exercise than a weight lifting one, which means that you should be using the rope as part of your movement exercises. Even if the Get Strong bundle is aimed at people trying to get stronger, it will not be as good as using a barbell.

However, if you use the Get Strong rope as part of your warm-up to the barbell, then you may have found a cardio workout that matches your strength training needs. 

Crossrope is a Portable and Lightweight workout Option

If you want to use the Crossrope as a lunchtime workout, the lightweight nature of the equipment means you can carry it around all day and not worry about it. It comes with its own bag, which allows you to keep the sweaty handles away from your important work too.

Having a portable workout kit with your jump rope and app means you can truly get your sweat on anywhere. This means you can reach the same level of cardio as a stationary bike or a rowing machine without lugging heavy machinery everywhere you go.

Even the “Get Strong” bundle is easy to carry around despite t’s advertised heavier weight.

One reason why you might pick the Crossrope over a traditional skipping rope is because the handles can be disconnected. This means that folding the rope into the carry bag will allow the product to be super reduced in size. 

The compact nature can then fit into any bag without taking up much room.

Can You Get Fit Using A Jump Rope?

With all this talk of jumping, you might be wondering if there are any actual benefits from the workout. However, a 10 minute skipping session can give you the same amount of health benefits as a 30 minute jog (compared over a 6 week period).

For one, skipping is a full-body workout. First, you are jumping, which is an excellent workout for your thighs, core, and back. Your legs push you into the air, your core keeps you straight, and your back stops you from tipping forward.

Next, your arms and shoulders have to keep up the momentum of the rope so you don’t trip. 

This means that every muscle in your body is working to keep you balanced and continue with the workout.

Not only is this a great cardio exercise, but the straight back motion along with the shoulder rotations forces your body into creating a stronger posture. This is why skipping is often suggested to desk-jockeys who spend most of their time hunched over.

Lastly, because you are trying to move your wrists in the same pattern as your legs, skipping turns into a mental challenge. Eventually, one part of your body will become tired, and as you stretch yourself to complete the workout, this means your mind has to work harder to keep you safe and balanced.

Is Crossrope Worth It?

When we looked into the benefits of jumping rope (or is it jump roping?), we saw so many fantastic elements to help you gain or maintain fitness. This isn’t just a nostalgic game from our childhood past but a genuinely useful way to keep active with a busy schedule.

Moving away from jump roping in general and moving on to Crossrope specifically, we did enjoy the clip technology, which connects the handles to the rope. It makes it easier to carry around the lightweight materials, as well as clean down the equipment.

That being said, we didn’t see the point in the “Get Strong” bundle, as the weight difference wasn’t massive. Seeing as you cannot add more weights to the rope either, we didn’t believe it was necessary to buy the more expensive bundles when the “Get Lean” bundle would have worked fine.

All this means is that you will have to do more repetitions to get the same workout as the “Get Strong” version.

Looking at the app, we believe that the content of workouts, challenges, and activities are great. You get a monthly challenge if you use the basic or premium version, so you will get that motivational kick regardless.

All in all, we think that the app was the best part of the Crossrope collection. Buying a regular skipping rope and buying the premium app might be the better option.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Good App
  • Easy To Clean
  • Great Workout


  • Expensive
  • Regular Skipping Rope Works Well Too

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