You are currently viewing Calibrate vs Noom – what is the best way to lose weight online?

Calibrate vs Noom – what is the best way to lose weight online?

Ready to lose some pounds? When the home exercise equipment we write about isn’t enough, perhaps you should consider some of the newer, subscription weight loss programs like Calibrate or Noom.

There are a few, different approaches to weight loss programs – meal kits, behavioral modification (including dieting and exercise programs) and prescription medications. The best weight loss program is the one that you’ll stick with, so let’s dive into Calibrate vs Noom to see if either of these might help you on your journey to a healthier you.

Wait, an app can help you lose weight?

Yes, believe it or not! Weight loss apps are programs you can download to your mobile phone or access via your computer, allowing a simple and quick method to track your way of life behaviors such as calorie consumption and workouts. But the best apps can do a lot more than that.

The best apps have important features like, support/discussion forums, food barcode scanners, and the ability to sync with various other health and wellness applications. Some can even help you get prescription weight loss medicines (like Calibrate). These features aren’t just fluff – they can help keep you motivated towards your size goal.

Just as importantly, some of these apps have had their methodologies backed up by clinical research and trials. In this review, we are focusing on ones that have real research behind their programs. Let’s compare some of the best, online weight loss subscriptions: Noom vs Calibrate.

Calibrate Weight Loss Review

First, let’s dig into and review Calibrate, which is an online prescription weight loss program, supervised by doctors (online) that provides a metabolic reset to help you slim down. We’ll help you figure out if Calibrate is the right option for your quest to become healthier, and lay out some of the benefits (and limitations) of this app.

What is Calibrate?

Calibrate, which you can sign up for at, is a virtual weight loss program that helps you get healthier and slim down when you’ve already tried (and failed at) cutting calories and working out. It focuses on biology to offer a “body reset” that encourages weight loss. There is a prescription component to this program, so you’ll have a real physician virtually assess your needs and prescribe a medicine that will help you with the metabolic reset.

Calibrate is a one year program. The company asserts that, with Join Calibrate, you will lose 10 percent of your body weight in six months, and then the 2nd six months is devoted to creating long lasting results – so you can keep the bounds off and help your body maintain a healthy metabolism.

More on Calibrate’s Metabolic Reset

The program focuses on helping your body do a “metabolic reset.” What is a metabolic reset? Calibrate’s program is based on the idea that your body has a particular weight “set point.” That means your body wants to keep its current size, so that if you shed pounds they are likely to come back. The objective is to help your metabolic system respond far better to nourishment, exercise, and rest to help you drop – and keep off – the pounds. Some of the areas of focus include:

  • blood glucose ups and also downs that impact what you eat and your hunger levels
    stress, that can impact your eating and workout habits
  • the body’s process of burning or hoarding calories
  • Resetting the system can encourage weight loss.

Calibrate clarifies that your metabolic system tries to keep you at your body’s “set point,” which is the weight you’re presently at. The body wants to preserve its existing weight. This is a big reason you might have experienced the yo-yo effect, where you lost some pounds but then had them come right back. Their approach is made to transform the set point so you can lose weight– and even more notably– maintain it off. It’s important to note that the idea of a set point is something that has been researched by the medical community – they aren’t just making it up. You can read this medical journal article if you are interested in learning more.

The program makes use of a combination of techniques to aid you reach that objective, including:

-One-on-one digital medical professional check outs
-Individual lifestyle training
-Science-backed information
-Prescription medication

Who is Calibrate for?

Some weight loss programs are for everyone, whether they wish to lose a few extra pounds or a substantial amount of weight. Calibrate is NOT. It’s 100% intended for adults from 18 to 65 that have a BMI of at the very least 27. You are required to be covered by a medical insurance plan. Join Calibrate is presently offered only in California, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas — but the business intends to quickly become a nationwide program.

The program is NOT for people with specific conditions, including pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people with eating disorders, a recent bariatric surgical procedure, substance abuse/addictions or cancer.

You can take a questionnaire on to find out if you are a good fit for their system. Click here to start.

Noom Review

Noom has a different take from the prescription focused Calibrate. It resembles having an instructor, nutritionist, and also health instructor all in one location – your phone. They do not ship you meals or get you prescription weight loss medications.

Noom’s primary focus is on helping you make behavioral modifications in what you eat and how you approach food. It asks you to input all your foods in daily food logs, and it uses colors (red, green, yellow) to help you understand how healthy you’re eating.

The other major things that you’ll get with Noom are:
Access to a large, helpful peer support group – people going through the same, diet journey who can help you stay motivated

  • 1 on 1 health coaching
  • Quizzes and articles to try to help you learn how to be healthier
  • An exercise, weight and other health metrics log where you can record your progress

Does Noom work?

The company claims that people who use the app lose, on average, 18 pounds in 16 weeks. So that’s pretty real progress toward a slimmer, healthier lifestyle. And lots of medical research suggests that behavior modification is a legitimate method for slimming down. So the Noom strategy is based on real science that can drive real results.

The Noom app itself is totally free to download – or you can start on their site. You’ll first be taken through a detailed test that has 3 parts; initially, you’ll go through a demographic profile quiz that gets your height and weight, along with what your health objectives are and if you have a targeted weight. Next, there are some health and lifestyle questions. After you input your email you’ll get a program strategy and an estimate of just how much time it will take you to lose the weight.

The second part of the quiz takes a look at your habits, and enables you to choose a more customized plan. The activity and nutrition part includes questions about your current health practices as well as behavior modification concerns. This is the point where they’ll ask for a credit card and then reveal your actual, step by step, plan.

Features Calibrate Noom Found
Prescription Medication?
Average User Reviews
4.9 / 5 Star Rating
4.6 / 5 Star Rating
4.9 / 5 Star Rating
$135/mo OR $1620 one-time payment, $249 one-time metabolic health assessment
Free 14-day trial, price varying (≤$60/mo) after second week, dependent on subscription length
$149/mo monthly commitment, $129/mo 3-month commitment, $99/mo 6-month commitment, $49/mo wellness path
Personalized 1:1 Coaching?
Program Length
One-Year Metabolic Reset
6 months to lose 10% of your body weight
Website URL

Which is better, Noom or Calibrate?

So, each of these companies offers medically sound weight reduction subscriptions. However, they are not a fit for everyone.

Noom will be best for people who are seeking to lose a modest amount of weight. Noom’s behavior modification is a legitimate weight loss method, backed by real scientific research. AND, the company has spent a lot of money developing it’s app. Reviews of the counseling sessions and online communities are generally very, very strong. But, they don’t provide a real doctor visit/telemedicine visit. And they don’t prescribe FDA approved medications.

So, if you are simply looking for help having a healthier year and want to shed a few pounds, they are a great bet. Check out Noom today.

On the other hand, if you are really struggling with your weight, and have a BMI that is over 30, then you may want to consider the more aggressive, doctor-led Calibrate. They will give you coaching, nutritional consultations, and online doctor visits. Plus, they can send prescription medications to your home. We recommend you Calibrate over Noom if you are ready to try a more medically intense way to lose weight. 

Right now, we love the fact that Calibrate is offering a one time, $299 fee for a doctor consultation with lab work. Basically, this is a lower cost way to see if the Calibrate program is right for you. Check out Calibrate now!

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