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Best Workout Mirrors Of 2022

A workout mirror is unquestionably the most cutting-edge piece of exercise equipment you can own right now. Our team has tried out the Tonal, Tempo and played with the Mirror. You can read our comparison of these devices in our Tonal vs Tempo vs Mirror piece. The summary from our experience is that Tonal is amazing – but is very expensive and needs a ton of space. Tempo is great for lifting lighter weights (unless you pay for the extra weight set), and Mirror is top for small spaces and folks who don’t love weights. Tempo also have the Tempo Move, which works great for people who want a little weight lifting in a small space, and at a reasonable price.

But those aren’t the only smart mirrors on the market anymore! 

Reviewing the Other Smart Mirrors

For those that don’t know, it’s a mirror with an integrated digital display. While following the on-screen directions, you’ll be able to glimpse your reflection.

It’s as though you’re working with a personal trainer whose form you can emulate.

Certain fitness mirrors include cameras, sensors, and accessories that allow you to design custom routines, automatically adjust weight and resistance, and track your progress. (For further information regarding cameras, see the FAQs.)

These mirrors, like the Peloton cycle or Bowflex Max Trainer, are equipped to broadcast fitness classes. Are you considering a certain kind of training?

Almost certainly, a class exists for that. We’re talking about yoga, barre, weight training, and cardio, among other things.

This flexible piece of training equipment may be used in a variety of ways. Additionally, various companies provide mirror-compatible accessories.

These gleaming, futuristic training surfaces are poised to revolutionize the fitness industry, and we’ve got the inside scoop on which ones are really worth the investment.

Our top recommendations for the best smart workout mirrors for 2022 are listed below.

NordicTrack Vault Complete

NordicTrack Vault Complete

The NordicTrack Vault is, in fact, a vault. Pulling out the full-length freestanding mirror reveals a handy storage box for the mirror’s many attachments.

NordicTrack invented it, a fitness firm that also manufactures cardio equipment such as treadmills, exercise cycles, ellipticals, and rowers.

The enormous touch screen mirror can stream a variety of on-demand exercises and is completely reflecting, enabling you to fine-tune your posture and technique while exercising.

The Vault, like other NordicTrack devices, is iFit compatible, making it an excellent choice if you already possess an iFit-compatible device.

Additionally, the mirror rotates 360 degrees, enabling you to choose its location. Speakers, a Wi-Fi connection, and Bluetooth capability are all built into the carbon steel frame.

In the Vault, NordicTrack’s virtual personal training tool, iFIT, is utilized. Over 150 Vault-specific pre-recorded exercises are now available (and that number is sure to expand), ranging from HIIT to yoga, Pilates, and strength training.


  • Free-standing mirror: This model does not need to be attached to anything, making it super easy to place!
  • Holds equipment: You can use this model to store lots of different training equipment.
  • Built-in speakers: Allows you to listen to your favorite tunes with ease! 


  • Expensive: It might not be suitable for every budget 

Echelon Reflect 40” Connected Fitness Mirror

Echelon Reflect 40” Connected Fitness Mirror

While this is not a full-length or touch-screen fitness mirror, it is far less costly than some of our other recommendations. Additionally, because of its flat wall attachment, it is an outstanding space saver.

Thus, what are the uses of the Echelon Reflect? You may see a selection of live and on-demand courses using the Echelon FitPass app.

Numerous workout choices are available, including core and strength training, meditation, yoga, and kickboxing.

In comparison to a rower, a cycle, or a treadmill, the Reflect occupies a surprisingly little footprint on the floor (or none at all if mounted on a wall).

Additionally, it is far more discreet than other alternatives. It seems and behaves like an excellent piece of home décor until you turn it on.

While using a touchscreen is convenient, it requires regular contact with a mirror, often with sweaty palms. As expected, this results in the accumulation of fingerprints on the Reflect’s surface.

While the touchscreen is quite simple to clean, you should wipe it clean after each session to maintain it squeaky clean.

While critics praise the smart mirror’s space-saving features, many say the accompanying app falls short. Certain consumers have reported difficulties with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.


  • Wall-mounted: It can be mounted to your wall for easy storage and access
  • Affordable: This model is suitable for a range of budgets
  • Classes available: With this mirror, you can access a wide range of workout classes on demand.


  • No equipment: This mirror does not come with any additional equipment.

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Tonal has 17 sensors to assist with form correction, as well as a complex weight system that automatically changes tension up to 200 pounds (100 on each arm) – all without the need for dumbbells, kettlebells, or weight plates.

The arms are completely adjustable for lower- and upper-body exercises, and Tonal tracks your progress to tailor programs to your strength and skill level.

Perhaps more than any other fitness mirror, Tonal is equivalent to having a home gym—particularly if you’re a weight trainer.

There is no floor-standing alternative; the unit must be wall-mounted, which necessitates the use of wood or metal studs. This is not a do-it-yourself project in the home improvement department.

On the other hand, Tonal is a weightlifter’s paradise. It can withstand up to 200 pounds of resistance and has over 200 distinct motions.

You begin with a live instructor-led fitness assessment and then choose your preferred kind of training—muscle development, strength training, or weight loss.

Everything is simply adjusted through the integrated touch screen, and there’s no need to be intimidated if you’re new to exercise, since on-screen trainers demonstrate how to properly set up the equipment for each session.

If you’ve ever felt foolish at the gym owing to a lack of information about proper equipment use, you’ll feel right at home here.

Initially, Tonal kept track of your repetitions but gave no feedback on your technique in real-time. Tonal has stayed up with Tempo, which has been consistent from the start. 

Along with traditional weight training, Tonal provides live and on-demand classes in yoga, Pilates, barre, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It gives a lot, but at a premium price, is unsuitable for renters, and requires the most room of any workout mirror.

The Tonal app is necessary for the first year after purchase. It provides access to a constantly expanding collection of guided strength training programs, video demonstrations, and automated monitoring and reporting.

As is the case with many of the other smart mirrors on our list, the Tonal is presently lacking in reviews. The majority of reviewers thought that the Tonal aided in their strength improvement as a result of its exact measures.


  • Helps your form: The Tonal mirror assists you with your form when working out.
  • Includes training lessons: This model can store a wide range of training and workout videos and demos, allowing you to improve your workout routine
  • Progress tracking: The Tonal will keep track of your progress and deliver personalized workouts for you.


  • No equipment included: Some accessories can be purchased in bundles with the Tonal workout mirror.



When not in use for exercise, this stylish smart mirror doubles as a regular mirror. Mirror provides a variety of programs, including yoga and strength training, as well as Latin dance, boxing, and family fun.

Without this, the first Mirror, there would be no workout mirrors accessible. Additionally, the Mirror has a great deal to offer.

It’s magnificent, especially when placed on the wall, and enhances rather than diminishes the attractiveness of any environment.

When not in use, it doubles as a mirror; yet, when doing exercises, you can still see yourself on the screen — and therefore your form.

Regrettably, Mirror does not have a touch screen, requiring users to interact with the gadget through a smartphone app. While each of these fitness mirrors has a smartphone application, only Mirror requires its use.

Mirror offers one of the most comprehensive training programs accessible, including boxing, aerobics, dance, Pilates, yoga, and tai chi.

Additionally, using a mirror does not have to be a solitary endeavor. Mirror has a camera that coaches may use to monitor you.

You could even hear your name called out in reaction to praises or modifications to your appearance. 

Mirrors are available in a variety of formats. The Essentials package, which starts at $1,495 for the Mirror Basic, includes a mat, yoga block, and foam roller. Weights are also included in the $2,045 Family package.


  • The mirror can be wall-mounted or freestanding: allowing you to customize it to your needs
  • Training classes: This model offers a collection of different classes and training, enabling you to enhance your workout with ease.
  • Score system: This mirror gives you points for hitting your workout targets, keeping you motivated!


  • No equipment: This mirror does not come with any additional equipment.

Tempo Studio ProTempo Studio

Would you want to acquire a whole home gym in one go? Tempo Studio Pro is your best option. Along with the fitness display (this is not a mirror), it comes equipped with all of the necessary equipment for a home gym.

Tempo integrates a critical feature not found in the majority of other exercise mirrors competing for your home workout dollar:

3D sensors that monitor your body and alert you to appropriate form while automatically counting your repetitions. This distinguishes it from the competitors and makes it a fantastic choice for workout enthusiasts as well as rote newbies.

Hodges feels that the Tempo was created for a very specific kind of user. “If you are a form-conscious person, I would suggest the Tempo Studio since it offers movement cues that ensure you perform at your best.”

Bear in mind, however, that as helpful as this feature is, it is not available for all Tempo workouts.

Tempo is not a mirror, in contrast to the Mirror, which launched this fad. While Tempo is inspired by the Mirror, it is significantly different; for example, Tempo is controlled via its giant touch screen, whereas the Mirror is controlled via a mobile app.

It is not hung on the wall, but rather integrated into an easel-style stand; and it includes internal storage for a variety of weights.

Tempo is primarily a weight-training program, but it also includes a range of exercises ranging from boxing to yoga to high-intensity interval training. 

You’ll need plenty of space to accommodate the Tempo since the 3D sensors need you to stand around 6 feet back. 

However, the device’s appearance, display size, and range of courses offered via the subscription service make it well worth the significant investment.

Another option: If you like the idea of getting real-time feedback on your workouts but don’t want to invest in a separate screen, you can connect the Tempo Move to your current television and transform your living room into a home gym.

You may choose between the Tempo Studio Starter and the Tempo Studio Plus, which have fewer accessories but are less expensive.


  • Freestanding: allows you to place the mirror in the best place for you
  • Additional equipment: allows you to tailor the workout to your needs
  • Storage: the ability to store your dumbbells in your mirror helps you save space!


  • Expensive: it might not be suitable for all budgets

Buyer’s Guide – What You Should Look For

Before you spend your hard-earned money on new workout equipment, there are various considerations to consider. Consider the following while making your purchase. Our methodology for generating a list of the top smart fitness mirrors for 2022 is as follows:


These state-of-the-art training mirrors are not cheap. However, we made a concerted effort to provide a diverse selection of high-quality items at a variety of price ranges.

Fitness mirrors are a very new and pricey product, so they’re something you should try before purchasing. Fortunately, many fitness mirrors provide a 30-day risk-free trial period.

Verify which charges are covered by the free trial and which are not.

Certain companies may charge for shipping and installation—fees not included in your 30-day free trial period.

Extra Features

If you’re going to invest in one of these, you want it to be exceptional. We introduced smart fitness mirrors equipped with extra equipment and heart rate monitors, as well as limited-time app subscriptions at no additional cost.

Be sure to check what features your workout mirror comes with before making your purchase today.

While the majority of fitness mirrors are platform-specific, there are a few that are platform-agnostic, meaning they can be used with any exercise library.

If your mirror is platform-specific, you will almost certainly need to continue using that training platform to get the most out of it. 

And, as would be expected, these monthly subscriptions are often more expensive.

If your mirror is platform-agnostic, you’ll have the choice of subscribing to a specific exercise library—or not subscribing at all.

Without a membership, you almost definitely would be unable to use premium features like virtual weightlifting, which are often app- and mirror-specific.

Furthermore, offering exercises via your mirror may involve more effort than building a platform-specific solution.

Fitness mirrors are massive, mirror-embedded displays. Thus, their distinctive characteristics considerably add to their resale value.

Certain fitness mirrors have form-perfecting features that help you to mimic your instructor’s form while doing conventional exercises. Others include built-in strength-training equipment that may be used to imitate weightlifting.

Space And Size

Fitness mirrors are massive, high-tech mirrors with integrated displays. You can stream your favorite exercises right to your fitness mirror, just as you would on TV.

While the frames are similar, their depth and mounting mechanism may take up valuable room in your home gym.

It’s also critical to consider aesthetics if you’re installing your smart mirror in a high-traffic area of your home.

While fitness mirrors are sometimes rather sleek in appearance, their dimensions may vary considerably. The height ranges from 40 to 77 inches, while the width ranges from 20 to 25 inches.

If you’re searching for an immersive experience, consider upgrading to a larger selection. Alternatively, you might get a smaller one to save room.

While some fitness mirrors are placed on the wall, others are free-standing. Some freestanding alternatives are deep enough to stand alone, while others fit inside a display stand.

Each installation technique has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. While wall-mounted mirrors save space, they require drilling holes in the wall and may need professional installation.

Freestanding mirrors, on the other hand, take up more floor space and often need installation in the home.


If all you’re looking for is pre-programmed workouts integrated into a mirror, any of these options will suffice.

If, on the other hand, you want the motivation given by live classes, you may wish to choose the Tempo Studio Pro or Mirror.

Similarly, choose if your major goals are strength, cardio, or weight loss. Scroll through the many workouts to ensure that you choose one that is a good fit for your goals.

Which type of movement do you prefer? Each clever fitness mirror is connected to a library of personalized workouts. Your class selections on-demand are just as critical as the equipment itself.

Storage And Accessibility

While these full-body mirrors will look beautiful in any room, they are still very large and substantial, so it’s a good idea to plan and whip out a tape measure before clicking the buy button.

Whether you have a living room or a dedicated home fitness studio, you’ll want to make sure there is enough space in front of the mirror for stretching and doing all exercises comfortably.

Certain mirrors come with a wall mount or a stand to make training in front of them simpler; just make sure there is enough space around them to burpee and utilize other home gym equipment.

To begin, all fitness mirrors must be able to connect to your house Wi-Fi; thus, locate it near a power outlet and within range of your internet modem.

Additionally, having one with Bluetooth functionality is beneficial since it lets you connect Bluetooth headphones for times when you want to zone out during activities.

Additionally, by connecting devices such as an Apple Watch or a heart rate monitor, you can measure and display your current training intensity in real-time, while also adding an element of competition when competing against others in on-demand sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need To Install Workout Mirrors?

This depends on the mirror that you purchase. Some will need to be wall-mounted, whereas others will be freestanding and can be placed anywhere. Be sure to check what type of mirror it is before you order it to ensure that it’s right for you and your workout space. 

Do You Need A Subscription For Workout Mirrors?

Yes. Each smart mirror is integrated with the brand’s fitness application.

Because you are restricted to live or on-demand activities available through the app, it is essential to do your research before getting a smart mirror.

Do Workout Mirrors Have Cameras In Them?

The majority of smart fitness mirrors use a front-facing camera that is active only when the user is engaged in physical activity. Certain models have privacy curtains or an on/off switch.

The mirror’s cameras and sensors provide real-time suggestions for posture correction and assist teachers in providing customized feedback.

Not all smart mirrors, however, have a camera. This may be advantageous if you object to the introduction of a video camera into your private space.

On the other hand, the camera is critical if you want to get the same level of individualized feedback and form correction as you would during an in-person training session.

Are Workout Mirrors Worth It?

With a diverse selection of on-demand and live programming, the workout mirror makes exercise difficult to bore.

Whilst they can be unquestionably costly, it is an excellent choice for apartment residents in areas where gym subscriptions are prohibitively expensive and accessible space is few.

The ability to attend classes on your own time and from the comfort of your own home enables you to fit exercises into even the busiest of days.

The instructors make training pleasurable, the target heart rate zones ensure that you get the most out of your sessions, and self-reflection helps you maintain proper technique.

Fitness mirrors are state-of-the-art training equipment that allows you to see your reflection while following the on-screen instructions, therefore improving your technique.

Numerous versions have sensors that monitor your progress and adjust your weight, resistance, and workouts automatically based on the data they receive.

Are Workout Mirrors Good For Weight Training?

Training mirrors are a kind of interactive home exercise equipment that broadcast a variety of training programs, both live and recorded.

With more than 50 distinct training categories, the Mirror may be an easy and entertaining way to include more physical exercise into your daily routine.

The Mirror is an excellent solution for those with limited space who want to increase their physical activity at home.

There are activities to suit any fitness level and schedule, owing to the wide variety of classes and personal training sessions available.

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