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Best Home Gym of 2021? Compare the Top 11.

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The home gym buying guide outlines the essentials you need to consider before choosing a certain type of home gym.

Before getting into the list of top 11 home gyms for 2020, you must remember that their preference and need for a home gym will depend on your fitness goals, budget, and other factors. In other words, the best home gym option for a person may not be the best home gym option for another person. However, there is no need to be overwhelmed.

Here is a table showing the specific features of the best home gyms in the market (in no specific order), followed by reviews of each of the products:

Top Home Gym Comparison table




To further help you with choosing the best home gym, let me give you the in-depth reviews of the top-rated home gyms with their pros and cons:

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

The Bowflex Home Gym Series is a cable home gym where a person can do over 60 exercises to get a full-body workout. It has three levels of upgradable power rod resistance, which are 210 pounds, 310 pounds, and 410 pounds. This Bowflex Blaze is of gym-quality and can help you to work out all the muscle groups of the body. Many buyers consider this product as the best home gym for the money.

Pros of Bowflex Blaze:

  • Easy to assemble and easy to use
  • Great value for money
  • Ideal if there is not a lot of space for a home gym
  • Sturdy and allows for a range of motions


Cons of Bowflex Blaze:

  • The digital component got some complaints
  • May be not enough resistance for people who work out a lot
  • Not the best fit for taller and bigger people


Why this product?

The Bowflex Blaze is the best home gym for the money as well as for the features according to the online shopping website Amazon. A user can upgrade the power rod resistance on this cable home gym up to three levels, which are 210 pounds, 310 pounds, and 410 pounds.

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Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

The exercises that a person can do on this piece of equipment ranges from exercises for the chest and shoulders to the abs and legs. If someone prefers to be able to row in their home gyms, the sliding seat with the rail system allows for this preference.

The Bowflex Blaze includes ankle cuffs and a triple-function hand grip. The bench presses on this machine are vertical. The lat tower helps a person to build their shoulders and back muscles in no time.



Total Gym XLS

The Total Gym XLS is a type of fitness bench home gym that allows for over 80 exercises. It is the best at-home gym for rehabilitation purposes and comes with six levels of resistance training. One interesting fact about this home gym is that it is exactly the product that Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley endorse on the television!

Pros of Bowflex Blaze:

  • Easy to assemble and easy to use
  • Great value for money
  • Ideal if there is not a lot of space for a home gym
  • Sturdy and allows for a range of motions


Cons of Bowflex Blaze:

  • The digital component got some complaints
  • May be not enough resistance for people who work out a lot
  • Not the best fit for taller and bigger people


Why this product?

The Total Gym XLS is the best home gym if a person is looking for a product that will not be too intense and taxing on beginners, and people who are re-entering a healthy and fit lifestyle after suffering from an illness or addiction. It has a 400 pounds weight capacity and comes with fitness DVDs to help with the basics of working out. The cable length on this product is suitable even for tall people.

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The padded gliding board smoothly slides over the rails and allows a person to carry a percentage of their weight as resistance. This home gym comes with a padded head support to help with a range of exercises and provide comfort while working out. It is only around 53 inches when folded and does not take up a lot of space.


With this machine, a person can engage in cardio, weight training, and strength training, as well as stretching, all in one product. The flexible nylon strap handles make toning of the back, arm, and leg muscles possible. It targets all the muscle groups in a human body and helps to tone the upper body as well as the legs.

Total Gym is a very trustworthy brand that has been in the fitness and health industry for a long time. Their primary focus on rehabilitating people who have suffered from physical injuries and obstacles is praiseworthy and assures buyers that these products are genuinely helpful. It is a very strong contender to be the best home gym in the market.



Valor Fitness CB-12

The CB-12 is another cable home gym under the flagship of Valor Fitness. This weight stack home gym includes a 60 inches long cable which can withstand and carry 150 pounds of weight. There are two 25 cm spring clips that hold the weights in place while using it. The product arrives in two separate boxes and is the best home gym for light commercial use.

Pros of Valor Fitness CB-12:

  • It allows for a lot of range in motion
  • It is very sturdy and stable
  • Easy to assemble and install at home
  • Very versatile and can perform a lot of exercises on it


Cons of Valor Fitness CB-12:

  • The cable line is not as long-lasting as expected. Not easy to maneuver because of its sturdiness
  • You need to have your own weights to add to the device; it doesn’t come with its own resistance set
  • Some buyers have had problems with the crookedness of the machine
  • Not ideal for people who are advanced in fitness and strength training
  • Unsatisfactory design for some users


Why this product?

The CB-12 is one of the top-rated home gyms on the popular online shopping website Amazon. It comes with a high-density padded seat that can withstand constant use for long periods. This lat pulldown machine fashions a Lat Bar and T-bar, ideal for the best home gym work out for exercises focusing on lat, shoulder, and arms.

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People of different sizes can use this home gym because it has an adjustable seat pad with four positions. This feature also helps a person to have more range of motion while exercising different techniques. The footpads provide stability when a person performs training exercises like curls and upright rows.

The weight storage pegs are originally to hold one-inch size weight plates, but if needed, it can accommodate two inches weight plates as well. A person will need to purchase these weight plates separately. The CB-12 has strong steel power rods that hold the weight plates securely and effectively.

Valor Fitness CB-12

The best home gym should be able to provide a person with the following exercises just as the Valor Fitness CB-12 does:

  • Lat pulldowns
  • Pushdowns
  • Seated cable rows
  • Cable curls
  • Upright rows
  • Kickbacks (although ankle attachments for kickbacks do not come with the product)
  • Ab crunches

Valor Fitness is one of the best home gym manufacturers that provide whatever a fitness enthusiast may need without being too costly. One can say it brings to the table the best home gym for the money. With the CB-12, anyone can easily work out for general fitness, weight training, or even strength training.



Total Gym 1900

The Total Gym 1900 is a fitness bench that has climbed its way to compete for the best home gym title with over 60 exercises possible and super easy to store. Here are the pros and cons of this home gym:

Total Gym 1900

Pros of Total Gym 1900:

  • One of the best home gym for beginners. It is very sturdy and stable
  • It comes fully assembled Very versatile and can perform a lot of exercises on it
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Greatly improves upper body strength and core strength


Cons of Total Gym 1900:

  • The machine is rather lengthy and takes up a lot of space
  • Some buyers have had problems with the crookedness of the machine
  • Resistance is limited to body weight
  • The attachments on this machine need to go on separately because they get in each other?s way


Why this product?

Total Gym has nailed yet another product by giving its customers an excellent product for a great value. This machine has the features to give fitness enthusiasts a full-body workout in just ten to twenty minutes. Buyers can enjoy the benefits of a gym from the comfort of their homes, which they can easily set up and conveniently store.

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The Total Gym 1900 comes with wing attachments as well as bands for the legs so that the person using the machine can do exercises to build and tone their arm and leg muscles. This home gym is the best home gym for beginners as well as advanced fitness fans. People can do cardio exercises, strength training workouts, as well as stretch their muscles and bodies from this single piece of gym equipment.

Total Gym 1900

The maximum user weight for Total Gym 1900 is 350 pounds. For resistance, this product has 12 levels, which a person can adjust according to preference. The percentage of resistance for this home gym is 3% to 45% of the body weight. That means for a person who weighs 110 pounds (50 kgs), he or she can set the resistance weight to 33 pounds or 49.5 pounds.

Check out the Total Gym on Amazon.



Marcy Home Gym workout station

The Marcy Home Gym Cage is a workout station with double utility. It serves as both a power rack and also a cable home gym. This home gym has frames made of very high-quality steel that can withstand frequent use without losing its utility. It includes a two-year guarantee from the manufacturer to ensure that the buyers get the most out of their investment.

Pros of Marcy Home Gym:

  • Great product for a reasonable price
  • Very sturdy and stable
  • The best home gym for both weightlifting and bodybuilding
  • Plenty of space available for additional weight plates

Cons of Marcy Home Gym:

  • No replacement of plastic covering of chrome tubes available
  • The instructions for setting up the machine is not as simple as one would have preferred
  • Not the best choice for very tall people
  • Some buyers have complaints about missing pieces on the delivery

Why this product?

The manufacturers of the Marcy power rack workout station have designed this home gym in such a way that it allows a person to work out using cables or to lift weights. The cage home gym has many features in its design, which can hold loose weight plates, dumbbells, and other free weights without needing to purchase another structure to store these.

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The cage system workout station by Marcy is a strong contender to be the best home gym in the market because it is one of the lifter’s favorites on online shopping websites as well as physical stores.

Marcy Home Gym workout

The following features of the Marcy workout station, which makes it desirable amongst potential buyers are:

  • It can carry a person up to 300 pounds in weight
  • The maximum weight on the bar catches 300 pounds
  • The maximum weight on the lower pulley posts and storage trays are 220 pounds and 265 pounds respectively
  • The maximum weight a person can put on the plate storage is 410 pounds.

Some of the exercises that a person can do on this multifunctional power rack are tricep extensions, overhead cable curls, rowing (by using the pulley), ab crunches, lat pushdowns, and squats.

Considering all the above features and abilities of this power rack, we can confirm that the Marcy is one of the best home gyms which provides the user not only with gym-quality exercising equipment but also a place where one can store their weight plates and dumbbells. Just remember that you need your own weights, bars, dumbbells, etc. with the Marcy – it’s an awesome cage for lifters, but it’s not a weight set. 

See the price on Amazon



Valor Fitness BD-62

The BD-62 wall mount home gym with cable facilities is another hit by the trustworthy fitness brand: Valor Fitness. This cable home gym has a unique mounting system for more stability during workout sessions. It is safe to say that BD-62 is the best home gym when it comes to saving space and giving what a home gym should provide.

Pros of Valor Fitness BD-62:

  • The wall mount system allows for great sturdiness
  • Very space friendly
  • Excellent product for a great value

Cons of Valor Fitness BD-62:

  • The smoothness of pulleys declines in some cases
  • The cable quality is subpar
  • The assembly instructions are complicated for some users

Why this product?

The BD-62 is a very functional home gym with a double pulley system, increasing the number of exercises one can perform on the machine. These pulleys can help a person to engage in bilateral and unilateral exercises with its 16 adjustment positions.

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One distinctive feature of this cable home gym is that a person has to mount it to the wall for added stability and sturdiness. If a potential buyer prefers one which needs no mounting, the BD-61 will be a better choice as it gives all the benefits of the BD-62 but without mounts.

Valor Fitness BD-62

Two single strap handles come along with the package, and they have to ability to be in five different positions. The maximum weight capacity of this machine is 250 pounds and comes with a 3-year warranty. The pulley brace pivots with movement, which allows for a range of different motions. Just like the Marcy, you need your own weights for this device; it doesn’t have built in resistance. 

Two carriage bar tracks allow the carriages to move smoothly. These two have linear bushing to ensure that the carriages move smoothly while someone uses it, but stay securely in place when no one is using it. Check out the price on Amazon.

BD-62 guide and features:

Fitness Reality X-Class Power Tower

The Fitness Reality X-class Power Tower is a multifunctional and high-capacity work-out equipment, perfect for the intense and rigorous home work-out sessions. It’s called a “Power Tower” for a reason! It’s got multiple high-end and innovative design features that are guaranteed to give its users the best home-gym experience. The fitness reality X-class power tower helps to provide its users with the best work-out results while ensuring high comfort levels at the same time. And because it uses your own body as the “weights” and resistance, you don’t need to buy or store any additional weights, bars or dumbbells to use it.

Pros of Fitness Reality X-Class:

  • Innovative design
  • High capacity and multifunctional
  • Good quality
  • Adjustability and added comfort features
  • No additional weights needed

Cons of Fitness Reality X-Class:

  • Process of assembling the product can be tedious
  • More well-suited for people with bigger builds 
  • Inadequate product/customer support
  • Risk of poorly fitted parts due to complex design
  • Needs a fair amount of space in your gym to use both sides

Why this product?

The Fitness Reality X-class Power Tower is undoubtedly the top in its class.  It offers both quality and comfort, thereby ensuring the best home gym experience. Its innovative design helps users to indulge in a full-body workout, as one can work on the abs, legs, arms, and even the back with just this single product. Owning this product will easily make your humble home-gym one of the top-rated home gyms out there.

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Not only is the Fitness Reality X-class Power Tower designed for a pleasant aesthetic appeal, but it is also to ensure stability and durability. The product’s heavy-duty steel tube frame not only looks cool but can easily support up to 400 lbs of weight. Its high weight capacity makes it one of the best at home gym equipment.

The product also delivers in the area of comfort. The backrest sports a 3′ thick padding, while both arm-rests are padded with 2.25′ thick cushions, thereby ensuring added comfort. It is also fitted at a convenient and comfortable angle to make the workout sessions easier and more comfortable.

The fitness reality also comes with adjustable handlebars with foam rollers for added convenience of the user. One can also perform up to 7 different mounting positions, as the fitness reality X-class power tower has a chin-up station, pull-up station, dip station, and several others.

Fitness Reality X-Class Power Tower

By owning a single fitness reality X-class power tower, the user can perform up to 20 different high result yielding exercises, thereby making it one of the best home gym for the money. There is no compromise for quality and comfort to the user.

Not only this, the fitness reality x-class power tower comes with an attractive warranty offer: ten years for the frame, three years for the parts, and two years for the wearable parts. Buyers can get an additional five years warranty period when the product is purchased directly from fitness Or check out the price on Amazon.



Total Gym Fitness Fusion Full Body Workout Home Fitness Exercise Machine

The fitness fusion is a beautiful and extraordinary home workout and fitness exercise machine, which is both high in quality and efficiency. Anyone can use it, whether one is a beginner or a seasoned trainer.  It is especially user-friendly and can accommodate almost all body sizes as well as the different exercises. The fitness fusion can easily make it on the list of best home gyms.

Total Gym Fitness Fusion Full Body Workout Home Fitness Exercise Machine

Pros of Fitness Fusion:
  • User-friendly
  • Good packaging quality
  • Convenient parts assembling process
  • Great after-sales and customer support

Cons of Fitness Fusion:

  • The uneven quality of different parts
  • Loose-fitting parts
  • Better suited for beginners and newbies
  • Subpar quality of product DVD

Why this product?

Fitness fusion is a one-stop product for cardio, strength, and stretch workouts. It offers a total body workout for the users and can easily accommodate almost all the different exercises of varying difficulty levels.

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Total Gym Fitness Fusion Full Body Workout Home Fitness Exercise Machine

The product is also perfect for beginners or less experienced persons who are just starting to wander into the wonderful world of health and fitness. It is one of the best home gyms for performing quick and easy workout sessions. The manufacturers have designed it to ensure that users can attain a full-body workout, which is also joint-friendly and have low-impact or strain on the body. These exercises are, therefore, especially useful when it comes to the lower spine.

Fitness fusion helps the user to recreate a rowing movement pattern but with a completely different resistance pattern for bodyweight resistance training on an incline. It has 12 levels that can meet the various needs of beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts alike.

As repeatedly mentioned, this product helps to achieve a good full-body workout. The user can perform different exercises, which will help to tone their muscles, strengthen, and stabilise them.  This way, it can even help to improve one’s sense of balance and muscle coordination.

It is the best home gym for anyone who wants to indulge in such exercises which are low impact but yields great results. From this single product, the users can perform up yo 60 different exercises ranging from cardio and stretches to full-on strength training.

Fitness fusion also comes with five different workout DVDs ? each with its own set of different workout routines for the users to perform while using the product. Included in the overall product package are also some other additional workout tools like exercise wall chart, leg pulley system, pilates kit, nutrition guide, and several others.

With the two years warranty from the manufacturer, which comes along with each fitness fusion set, this product is undoubtedly among the best home gym equipment available in the markets today. Check out the price Amazon now


What does Fitness Masterly do?

Marcy 150LB Home Gym

The Marcy 150lb Home Gym is one of the top-rated home gyms today. This multifunctional workout equipment comes with all the necessary features for ensuring the best weightlifting and bodybuilding experience to the user.

Designed and developed under the company founded by famed weightlifting champion Walter Marcyan himself, the Marcy 150lb home gym is without question, one of the best home weight machine one can find in the market today.

Marcy 150LB Home Gym
Pros of Marcy 150LB Home Gym:
  • Easy to follow
  • instructions for assembling parts
  • Effective and delivers quality results
  • Great value for money

Cons of Marcy 150LB Home Gym:

  • Limited range of motion
  • Seat not adjustable
  • More suitable for heavy lifting

Why the Marcy 150lb Home Gym?

The Marcy 150lb Home Gym provides a compact and efficient solution to all the workout needs of the users. The innovative design of the product ensures that it comes in a convenient and super-compact size, perfect for your home.

Check on Amazon: 150LB Home Gym&qid=1583945462&sr=8-5&linkCode=sl1&tag=fitnessmast0c-20&linkId=5e7657478a4ff13839d4ee535f448198&language=en_US

It is, without a doubt, the best home gym equipment for getting the intense workout sessions without having to leave the comfort of one’s home. The Marcy 150lb home gym is so versatile that it enables the users to execute and perform a wide range of exercises for muscle development and overall body workouts.

Its premium steel frame can hold a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs with ease. The sturdy frame comes with comfortable padding for the back, seat, arms, and legs to ensure optimum comfort. The manufacturers have designed it to offer full-body workouts as it has both arms and legs stations. The double pulley system means that the user can perform most of their workouts without switching to any other equipment.

The Marcy 150lb home gym is one of the best home gym products and also comes with its very own ab attachment. The user can perform exercises targeting the development of the ab muscles and core.

Marcy 150LB Home Gym

The flip-out footplate also helps the users to perform multiple arm exercises, whether in standing or seated positions. The weights on the machine are adjustable according to the requirements of the user. It is perfect for resistance training.

This product is easy-to-use and extremely convenient. Any user can operate the machine and perform their workout exercises safely and without worry. The safety lock feature also helps prevent unauthorized usage.

The Marcy 150lb home gym has very good customer reviews and is agreeably the best home gym for the money in the market when it comes to overall price, performance, and reviews. It is surely a must-have if one wants the best home gym experience or to achieve the best at home gym collection.

We really like this one, especially it comes with 150 pounds of resistance weight, so you don’t have to buy anything else to get training. Check it out on Amazon now


Gorilla Bow Portable Home Gym

The Gorilla Bow Portable home gym is an innovative, one-of-a-kind, and portable home gym which offers some of the most versatile and effective total-body workouts without the hassle of maintaining bulky machinery. Its portability and effectiveness make it one of the best home gym equipment to own. It’s also much less expensive than the other products we review in this article, usually available on Amazon for less than $200 (see the price now). 

Gorilla Bow Portable Home Gym

The deceivingly simple design is a combination of a weightlifting bar with resistance bands, which helps the user to work out every muscle group. The inspiration comes from combining the mechanism of an ancient weapon with modern-day high-tech resistance bands.

It is extremely convenient and can ensure results equivalent to that of their bulky and heavier traditional workout machines.


  • Light and compact
  • Portable
  • high quality
  • High-tech


  • Better suited for trained individuals
  • High price
  • Portable but inconvenient size for packing while travelling
  • Not very effective for starters

Why this product?

The gorilla bow is a product that showcases the power of innovation and creativity at its height. It is an amazing product for achieving a full-body workout and fat burn exercises without investing in huge and bulky workout stations.


The innovation of the product alone makes it one of the best home gym devices to own today. Not only is it superb in design and convenience, but this product also delivers greatly in terms of quality. The aircraft-grade aluminum constructed bows and multi-layered 100% natural latex bands ensure that the product remains light yet strong and durable. It has a design that can hold up to 300lbs in resistance without breaking.

Gorilla Bow Portable Home Gym

The gorilla bow weighs only 6lbs or less and can still offer a full-body workout equivalent to its counterparts. It helps you save on the money and space while still delivering on the results, making it one of the best home gym products.

The workouts which users perform with the gorilla bow ensure fluid and natural movements of the different body parts. Thereby making the exercises less stressful on the joints and reducing the risk of injury to a great extent. It also improves one?s balance and form. It can be used by people of all ages, from an 8-year-old to a 90-year-old.

Therefore, despite its small size, it can easily outperform even the best home weight machine. It is a great product packed with quality, comfort, and convenience. It is also extremely safe for anyone to use. If you want the a smaller, more affordable options for your home, the gorilla bow will be a great purchase.



TotalStretch TS100

The TotalStretch TS100 is the one-stop solution for all stretching related workouts and exercises. It’s a little different than the other devices we review in this article. The design of this product is to help the user perform all stretching exercises while in a standing or seating position. It comes in a super compact and efficient size, making it extremely easy to fit into any space inside our homes. The TotalStetch TS100 is, therefore, another must-have in the list of best home gym equipment.

TotalStretch TS100

Pros of TotalStretch TS100

  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable price
  • Good quality


Cons of TotalStretch TS100:

  • Slight wobbling
  • Inconvenient size for shorter people
  • Cushion cover not as durable

Why this product?

The TotalStretch TS100 comes with the ErgoStretch handlebar system and ErgoStretch footrest, making it highly convenient for the users to perform multiple stretching exercises on the product without any worries of damage or injury. It is the best home gym for any stretching related workout needs one may have.


The handlebars design ensures that the user can practice a wide range of workouts from multiple grip positions. In this way, the user can easily perform those exercises for the targeted muscle groups effectively. The product is also optimally designed for users of all shapes and sizes.

TotalStretch TS100

The footrest allows the user to perform all standing as well as seating stretch exercises comfortably. Its innovative design makes it possible for the users to perform even the hamstring stretches effectively.

This product helps to improve the user’s mobility, balance, and overall body health.  It is indeed a comprehensive solution to all stretching related exercises and allows users to perform their stretching exercises safely and all in one place.

The TotalStretch TS100 also comes with a placard containing the instructions to the users for performing a comprehensive overall body stretching workout circuit.

What’s even better, this product comes with a set of wheels attached to its base, making it extremely easy for steering the product into any tight spaces or corners. Due to its high levels of efficiency and quality, this makes the TotalStretch TS100 one of the best home gym products to own. See it on Amazon now

Conclusion for top home gyms

The importance of fitness and health in a person’s life is the number one priority because, without it, a person cannot do anything else. With work getting tougher, the bodies of workers also need to get tougher to cope. Having a good setup at your house can eliminate the excuse of “it’s raining” or “I don’t have time” – sure you do if all the equipment is right there!

The introduction of home gyms has removed the commute time and lack of privacy out of regular gyms. They provide the same benefits of a standard gym with added benefits like easy access and saving money through a single purchase instead of monthly gym membership payments.

A common reason why people are reluctant to buy home gyms is because of the uncertainty of their determination to work out regularly. One thing to remember is that the positive impact of regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle on a person’s physical and mental health is tremendous. Getting into the habit of regular exercise will change anyone’s life for better.

Investing in a product like a home gym may be daunting for some people. However, with this guide on how to buy the best home gym as well as the suggestions and reviews of the best home gym for the money, one can set this uncertainty aside and pick the best fitting home gym for themselves. Happy fitness!

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