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What Are The Best Exercises for Obese Beginners at Home?

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Obesity is a rampant problem that many people face today. Exercise is an activity that is necessary for obese people because it helps them to lose excess unhealthy weight and stay fit. On the other hand, there are specific problems that overweight people face, which other healthy weighted people may not. Today, we will take you through the best exercises for obese beginners at home to give you an idea of how uncomplicated it can be.

We would concentrate on various exercises that you can do at home. Specifically, this is because often, beginners who are obese tend not to go gym out of fear of getting ridiculed. Home gives them a safe and friendly space where these physical activities can be done.

Before we dive into the best exercises at home for obese beginners, let us see how today?s obesity issues can affect a person’s life and the immense need for regular exercise.

Best Exercises for Obese Beginners at Home

What are the effects of being obese?

Many health risks come with being obese. Often, there is a direct or indirect link established between being overweight and having any particular health problem. Here is a list of the common adverse effects of obesity on a person’s health:

  • Type 2 diabetes

For people who are obese, the chances of getting Type 2 diabetes are ten times more likely than people who do not suffer from signs of obesity. 

  • Heart diseases

Obese people have a higher risk of contracting coronary artery disease, which makes them more susceptible to getting a heart attack. The more extreme obesity, the higher the risk of getting a heart disease. 

  • Bone and joint damage

Bone diseases, back pain, osteoarthritis, and disc herniation are some common bone-related problems and accidents that many people with obesity face.

Knee Joint Problems due to Obesity
  • Different types of cancer

The mortality rate for all types of cancer increases as the intensity of obesity increases. Some of these cancers are cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, liver cancer, thyroid cancer, prostate cancer, and leukemia.

It is clear from these effects that an obese person needs to be physically active. One of the best ways to achieve the required physical activity is by exercising. If you suffer from signs of obesity, you must take all possible measures to prevent further damage to your body by being physically active and following a healthy diet.

You must consult your physician before embarking on any strenuous physical activity.

The start of the journey to a healthier lifestyle

You may know that you need to start engaging in physical exercises and lose weight but don?t know where to start. The first and foremost thing is to convince yourself that you need to start exercising and that you can achieve your goals.

This path is a rewarding journey, albeit probably challenging. However, if you prepare yourself mentally to be on this journey, you will see success very quickly. You will not only feel physically healthy but also notice your mental health improving.

The best exercises for obese beginners at home: an easy guide to a new life

With the following exercises, you can dip your toes into a new and healthier lifestyle effortlessly from the comfort of your home:

Exercises without any equipment

  • Hip bridge

What you need to do here is lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Raise your hip upward and support your body with your arms in contact with the ground.

A quick video for the best exercises for obese beginners at home:



  • Squats

Raise your arms till your shoulder height and bend down in a squatting position. That is as if you are sitting in a chair. After this, return to your original position and repeat it for as long as needed. Ensure that you do not bend too low, especially at the start of this journey.

  • Squats with directional change

This exercise is the same as squats (given in the previous point) with one minor but useful addition. After you squat, change your position by 45 degrees and repeat the exercise. 

  • Forward static lunge

Lunging is when you stand up straight and put a leg forward, bend your knee towards the ground and come back to standing position. You repeat this process for as long as possible.

Video to explain lunges:



  • Forward alternating lunge

This step is similar to the static lunge, except that you have to move forward with each thrust. In other words, you can make a static lunge, and instead of stepping back, remain in the same position as you take another step. Repeat the process.

Exercises with home gyms

There are several exercises that you can do with a cable home gym. The standing cable rotation is one such exercise. Here, you can step in front of the machine in a feet apart stance. Place the cable handle on your hands in front of your chest and pull.

Make sure that you don?t hunch or curve your back. You need to pull-on the cable without bending your arms. Repeat this process for as long as necessary. Your torse must be vertical to the floor to make sure that this exercise is sufficient.

  • Exercises with dumbells

Adding dumbells to your lunges will take the workout session to the next level. You can always place the weights on the ground and pick them up along with your squats or lunges.

  • Exercises with a stepping platform

With a stepping platform, you can lunge on to the step and fall back to lower ground. Alternate your legs and let them take turns on the platform.

  • Exercise outdoors

Being obese may restrict your ability to move swiftly or quickly. Therefore it is not the best idea to start a vigorous exercise routine. The best way to ease yourself into a healthier lifestyle is to return to the basics and start walking simply. Walking is a low-impact exercise that yields excellent results in time and improves your overall health and well-being.

Fit Couple Running

Walking simply maybe a little too low impact for some people. Although it may yield good results in the long run, the process is slow and tedious. If you want to lose weight quickly, consider speed walking or running. You may start by jogging short distances around your block and gradually increase the length of your run.

Another great option, if you are willing to purchase some equipment, is to try recumbent elliptical cross trainers. These are lower impact, but great cardio. Since they are recumbent, you are in a seated position. And ellipticals are generally considered low impact and easy on the knees. Finally, the cross trainer part lets you workout your upper body too.

You can also try to workout while… working. Believe it or not, there are now several types of low-cost, cardio equipment that can go under your desk – so you can lightly get your heart rate up while working! This is a potentially high value but very low impact option.  We’ve reviewed both the best under the desk treadmills (not all of which require a standing desk) and the best mini ellipticals – which can usually go at a seated desk. 

There will be some physical stress because of speed walking or even running. Let your body get used to this additional physical stress. Once you feel comfortable and confident doing, you can jog longer distances to see better results.


Losing weight does not happen overnight. It takes determination, effort, and perseverance. As much as your body changes during the process, your mindset and lifestyle will also need to undergo significant changes.

One of the success factors for weight loss journey is to never rely on shortcuts but stick to commitments made and continue in the path indefinitely towards meeting your goal of achieving a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. David

    Interesting article, however for the obese most of these home exercises are not even possible for the beginner. Try throwing 250lbs on your back and do a squat, or as far as that goes try to get off the ground. Just moving is a workout.

    1. Susan

      I hear what you’re saying. I’m using a TRX (an adjustable Cordura strap that you hang from the ceiling with handles) to do squats – that way I can adjust the amount of load I’m putting on my knees, etc. Oh by the way, TRX is most well-known version but it’s overpriced for what you’re getting; I found one that is just as good and costs WAY less and I know some people that have made their own.

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