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Best Connected Home Gyms of 2022

The main connected home gyms getting press these days are from stand-alone, startup fitness companies like Peloton, Tempo, Tonal, Mirror and “older school” fitness brands like NordicTrack. But that’s not all that’s out there. Thanks to iFit, many companies can how integrate the “smart” experience into their home gym equipment. These lesser-known devices allow you to exercise from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet, often at a fraction of the cost of Mirror, Tonal and Tempo or Peloton. 

However, if low cost home gyms are what you are looking for, consider Tempo’s newest smart home gym, the Tempo Move. Starting at only $495, it will beat the cost of many of the devices sold on Amazon that we list out below. Of course, Tempo has a lot of accessory bundles (some of which our reviewers love), that can increase the cost – so make sure you shop smart!

Best Smart Home Gym Equipment on Amazon

If you aren’t looking for one of the high-end options that we’ve mentioned above, here are some of the best connected home gyms of 2020 that you can find on Amazon. These connected home fitness systems are becoming increasingly popular, and offer a variety of features such as heart rate monitoring, calorie tracking, and even sleep tracking. The latest models also come equipped with built-in speakers and smart TVs. Check them out below. 

RENPHO Store – Smart Exercise Bike

RENPHO Store - Smart Exercise Bike

The RENPHO Store is an all-in-one workout machine that includes everything you need to start working out right away. It has been designed to provide comfort during workouts by adjusting the seat position automatically based on your body weight.

The integrated display shows how many calories you have burned, and your current pulse, and it can count your steps too. You can track your progress over time via the app.  This product is compatible with most world-class cycling apps. 

Overall, we absolutely loved this product and would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a fantastic, connected home gym. 


  • Compatibility – This home gym is compatible with most world-class cycling apps. SO you can stay connected and work with the best of the best technology. 
  • Free AI App – This product comes with a free AI Gym App which you can use to aid your fitness journey. 
  • Heart Rate Monitor – This product has a heart rate monitor, so you can keep track of your heart rate as you cycle. 
  • Personalized AI Programs – With this home gym you can have personalized AI programming that will suit your training course and update as you get more fit. 


  • Control Panel Malfunctions – Some customers found that this product’s control panel malfunctioned after a few uses. 
  • No Flywheel – Some customers found that the lack of a flywheel made using this exercise bi a little too difficult. 

If you like this product but would prefer to purchase it on an alternate website make sure to check it out at RENPHO’s Store.

MAXPRO Store – Connected Cable Home GymMAXPRO Store - Connected Cable Home Gym

This cable home gym system is one of the cheapest home gyms available today. So if the price is really what matters to you, this is a great choice!

This product is fantastic if you are looking for something similar to resistance bands. Its resistance levels can be adjusted between 0–30 lbs (0 – 14 kg).

This product is very easy to set up and use because all you need to do is plug it into a power outlet and connect it to a computer. After that, you only need to download MAXPRO’s app onto your phone and start using it.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply follow the instructions, and you’ll soon be able to start enjoying your new exercise equipment.

We love this product because it offers users convenience while still being affordable and easy to set up. We think that this makes it perfect for beginners who may not know exactly where to begin their fitness journey.

However, if you’re already familiar with fitness then this might not be the ideal choice for you.


  • Join Live Classes Via the App – With this home gym, you can download the app and join live classes. This will help you learn proper techniques and keep you motivated. 
  • Versatile – This product is perfect for a variety of things like strength training, stretches, resistance strength, and much more. 
  • Portable – This product is portable, so you can take it with you wherever you need it with ease. 
  • High Quality – This product is high quality, so you can rest assured it will stay intact through countless workouts. 


  • Lack of Resistance – Some customers found that this product did not have enough resistance to promote proper muscle development or improve strength. 

If you like this product but would prefer to purchase it on an alternate website make sure to check it out at MAXPRO’s Store.

Bluefin Fitness Store – Tour XP Exercise Bike

Bluefin Fitness Store - Tour XP Exercise Bike

The Bluefin Fitness tour XP exercise bike is both functional and stylish. It provides excellent value for money and is designed to meet the needs of any user. The seat height is adjustable to ensure comfort and the seat width adjusts, so you can find a position that works best for you. 

You also have the option to adjust the handlebars for a better view and to increase stability during intense exercises.

It has been designed in such a way that it will fit perfectly in most homes. Its compact design means that you won’t need an extensive space to work out, and its small size will save you time and effort. 

As well as saving you time, energy and money, this machine will help you develop strong muscles and improve your cardio fitness. If you want to burn fat, tone up, build lean muscle mass, and get fitter and healthier, then this machine is right for you.

Overall, we really loved this product, and we highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a small yet effective workout machine that is connected. 


  • Kinomap App Connectivity – This product can connect to the kinomap app which allows you to access virtual races and live coaching videos. 
  • Heart Rate Sensors – This product has heart rate sensors that you can use to monitor yourself as you work out. 
  • Several Resistance Levels – You can alter the resistance levels depending on your fitness level or to just change it up every so often.  
  • Pedals – This product has anti-slip and adjustable pedals. So you can comfortably work out without the risk of slipping. 


  • Lack of Diversity – This product is limited in the variety of exercises you can do on it. 
  • Resistance – Some customers found that even the highest resistance was not suitable for their needs. 

Fitness Reality Store – Bluetooth Water Rowing Machine

Fitness Reality Store - Bluetooth Water Rowing Machine

The Fitness Reality water rowing machine is one of the best ways to achieve maximum results from your cardiovascular workout. This is because it combines the benefits of traditional rowing machines with those of swimming.

By using water as resistance, you are able to target all areas of your body, including your core, legs, arms, and back. In addition, by moving your upper body forwards whilst sitting down, you create more resistance than you would if you were standing. 

Furthermore, the Fitness Reality water rowing exercise machine lets you vary the intensity of your workouts according to your personal goals and needs.

For example, you could choose to row at a faster pace when you are trying to lose weight, whereas you might choose to row slower when you are aiming to gain muscle mass.

Overall, we loved this machine and would highly recommend it if you are looking for a connected rowing machine. 


  • Smart Technology – This product has smart technology you can access by connecting to the ‘My Clout Fitness App’ which you can find on your mobile phone. 
  • Storage – This product can be stored vertically, so you can easily pack it away without it taking up all of your space. 
  • Water Resistance – The use of water in the tank allows for faster pulls at a greater resistance.
  • Monitor – The monitor on the machine tracks everything you need so you can gauge your progress. 


  • Long-Lasting – This product may not last as long as you want it to. Some customers found that after a year and a half the water tank started to leak. 

If you like this product but would prefer to purchase it on an alternate website make sure to check it out at Fitness Reality’s Store.

Nordic Track Store – iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells

Nordic Track Store - iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells

These dumbbells are perfect for people who are looking for a high-quality set of dumbbells that are fully customizable. Not only that, these dumbbells have a sleek design that will fit into any home gym setting.

With these dumbbells, you can adjust them to suit your strengths and weaknesses. They also come with a warranty, so you can rest assured knowing they will be built to last.

Overall, we think these dumbbells are fantastic for anyone who wants a great value set of dumbbells. If you’re looking for something other than ordinary dumbbells then these are the ones for you!


  • Connection – These dumbbells can connect to Alexa and iFit both of which will make your life easier and aid you on your fitness journey. 
  • Voice Controlled – This product is voice-controlled so all you have to do is ask Alexa to adjust your weights and it will be so!
  • Storage – This product has a custom-fitted storage unit, so you can neatly pack your dumbbells away with ease. 
  • Tablet Holder – This product has a built-in tablet holder, so you can follow along with workouts with ease. 


  • Expense – These dumbbells aren’t cheap, but they do offer excellent value for money.
  • Delivery Issues – Some customers found that this product was defective upon delivery and had to send them back for replacements. 

If you like this product but would prefer to purchase it on an alternate website make sure to check it out at Nordic Track’s Store.

Buyers Guide 

In this section, we are going to explore some of the things you need to look out for when you are looking to purchase a new connected home gym. 

So, let’s get started!

What Are Your Fitness Goals?

The first thing you must consider before purchasing a connected home gym is what exactly are your goals? Do you just want to lose weight or maybe increase muscle mass?

Are you interested in cardio training or strength training? What about flexibility and balance? Maybe you want to improve agility or coordination? 

There are many types of exercise and fitness programs that you could pursue with this type of equipment.

So, before you go out and buy one of these gyms, you should really sit down and take time to figure out what exactly it is that you want from this piece of fitness equipment.

What Kind of Home Gym are You Looking For? 

One of the biggest questions people have when buying a home gym is “what kind of home gym am I looking for?”

There are two main kinds: freestanding gyms and stationary bike/exercise machines. Both of these categories are very good options depending on what you are looking for. Freestanding gyms are great if you live in a small space and don’t want to clutter up your living room or bedroom.

Stationary bikes and exercise machines are great if you have more space as they tend to be less bulky and take up much less space. However, there are pros and cons to each category.

Freestanding gyms allow you to use them anywhere within your house and are therefore great for those who don’t want their workout routines to be confined to certain rooms. 

On the flip side, stationary bikes are best used indoors because they can easily become too hot during intense workouts if you leave them running outside.

Exercise machines are also great for indoor usage because they are not only portable but also give you the option of using them wherever you please without having to worry about being exposed to extreme heat or cold.

Depending on your budget and personal preferences, you may find yourself drawn toward either category.

How Much Space Is Available In Your House?

Another important factor to think about is how much space you will be able to devote to your home gym. If you live in a small apartment then getting a freestanding home gym might be difficult due to its size.

On the other hand, if you live in a large house you probably won’t mind having a freestanding home gym taking over a portion of your living room. The same goes for stationary bikes and exercise machines.

While both of these pieces of equipment can fit into any sized room, they are usually designed to work best in larger spaces.


When shopping around for a home gym, one of the most essential things to look at is whether the manufacturer offers any sort of warranty on their product.

With today’s technology and the number of companies producing electronic devices, it is crucial that manufacturers put some money behind their products, so they can provide proper customer service and support after purchase.

Most manufacturers offer 1-year warranties on their home gyms which means that they will repair or replace any defective parts if something breaks or malfunctions within that period of time. Some even include lifetime warranties for all of their equipment.

Storage Options

Finally, another thing to keep in mind when shopping for a home gym is where you plan on storing it once you get it.

If you don’t already have enough storage space in your house, adding a piece of equipment like a treadmill could create a bit of a problem. For example, if your treadmill takes up 2 square feet of floor space then you would need somewhere else to store it while it is not in use.

This could mean moving furniture or creating extra closet space in order to make room for this piece of equipment. It is always better to buy an item with adequate storage capabilities than to have to search for ways to store it later down the road.

Quality of the Home Gym

If you are reading this article then chances are high that you are interested in purchasing a quality home gym. When you consider all the factors above, you should come away with a clear idea of what features you really require from your home gym.

Quality comes first and foremost. You do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a sub-par machine. Therefore, before making your final decision on what type of home gym you want, it would be wise to research various brands and models available on the market.

Browse through online reviews, check out product videos, read user feedback, and compare prices before making your final decision.

Resistance Levels & Requirements

The last thing you need to consider when buying a home gym is resistance levels and requirements. Resistance levels refer to the amount of weight that you can lift using different types of weights.

Your gym needs to have a wide range of weights ranging from 5 pounds to 500 pounds. In addition, you also need to have adjustable dumbbells, barbells, and cable pulleys. Some home gyms only have dumbbells and barbells, but others have everything you need including a squat rack, bench press bars, knee pads, etc.

Overall, there are many considerations when choosing a home gym. However, we hope this guide has helped you find the perfect home gym for you. We also encourage you to visit our website and learn more about the various options available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we are going to answer several commonly asked questions concerning connected home gyms. So without further ado, let’s get started!

What is a Smart Home Gym?

A smart home gym is essentially a fitness device that connects to your home Wi-Fi network. The device can track your daily activity, such as how long you work out, the distance you travel during your workouts, calories burned, sleeping patterns, and heart rate.

Once these data are collected by the device, it will send them to your personal trainer app. Your personal trainer app allows you to view your progress over time, set goals and receive motivational messages.

Can I Use a Smart Home Gym With My Phone?

Yes, you can use a smart home gym with your phone. While most devices work best with iOS or Android operating systems, they are compatible with any platform.

Most manufacturers provide apps for their products so that users can access all of their functionality from their mobile phones.

Is a Smart Home Gym and a Connected Home Gym the Same?

Not quite. A smart home gym uses technology to monitor your health and fitness. These devices connect to your home Wi-Fi network and collect information about your activity throughout the day.

They can then send that information to your personal trainer app which allows you to see your progress over time and share it with friends via social media.

On the other hand, a connected home gym monitors your health and fitness at home. It usually doesn’t collect information about your activity outside your house. Instead, it simply tracks the number of steps you take each day.

This info is then sent to your personal trainer app where you can track your progress over time and set new goals.

Is it Worth Buying a Connected Home Gym?

If you’re looking for an affordable way to stay in shape while on vacation or away from your regular gym, a connected home gym may be the ideal solution. You don’t need to worry about finding a local gym when you’re on vacation, and you won’t feel like you’re missing out if your gym isn’t nearby.

However, if you want to keep tabs on your progress and make sure you meet your fitness goals, a connected home gym is probably not what you need.

If you’re thinking about getting one, make sure you read our reviews before making a purchase. We’ve reviewed dozens of connected home gyms, and we can help you decide which model is right for you.

How Do You Clean a Connected Home Gym?

Connected home gyms are made primarily of plastic, so cleaning shouldn’t be too tough. Just wipe down the machine with soap and water after using it. Be careful not to leave fingerprints on the surface.

Should You Buy a Smart Home Gym Over a Connected Home Gym?

This depends on your needs. If you want to know exactly how much exercise you did today, a connected home gym might be more effective than a smart home gym.

However, if you just want to track your progress and reach fitness goals, a smart home gym could be better suited for your needs.

Final Thoughts 

The smart home gym market is still growing, but there’s no denying that it has taken off. Many people are turning to smart home gyms because they want to stay fit and healthy without having to go to the gym every day.

There are many types of smart home gyms available, but we recommend checking out the top models first. We have reviewed dozens of smart home gyms, and we think you’ll find the perfect model for you.

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