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Best 2-in-1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Bikes – Top 5 Recommendations (UK)



Are you looking to invest in the best 2-in-1 elliptical cross trainer bike that is available in the market? Cross trainers are trendy for many good reasons. This article is written explicitly with our British (UK) visitors in mind, how we also provide the recommended product list for everyone else as well.

Why are cross trainer ellipticals so popular?

When it comes to gym equipment, treadmills, and stationary bikes are still a popular choice. However, in recent times, cross trainer bikes and cross trainer ellipticals are becoming more popular.

Treadmills and regular exercise bikes are very predictable. Yes, they do give you different landscapes and workout scenarios; however, they will still work the same set of muscles. Gym goers have complained about joint fatigue, monotonous, and workouts that feel repetitive.

While traditional gym equipment such as treadmills work out the same set of muscles, and only a part of the body, cross trainer bikes/ellipticals work your full body.

If you are looking to get a full-body workout and just for your legs, go for a workout on a cross-trainer elliptical. Ergonomically designed, modern cross-trainers will challenge your arms, core, and your lower body.  As supposed to training different muscle groups on different days, you can get the complete full-body workout every time you get on one of the elliptical cross-trainers. You can change the intensity of you work out with the touch of a screen on these new machines. Also, based on settings such as incline/decline, you will be putting different sets of muscles into action.

Exercising, in general, would bring you so many health benefits that you should always make regular physical activity part of your daily life. On the other hand, if you are looking to spice up your workouts a bit and looking to exert more calories for the same amount of time spent working out, cross-trainers would help you with that goal. In a nutshell, cross trainers provide you with a more effective workout maximising the health benefits.

Adding a piece of perfect workout equipment to your home gym does not have to be complicated. With the addition of a cross-trainer bike or cross trainer elliptical, you can look forward to a long term value addition and return on your investment. Investing in your health would always start with the right equipment and then a disciplined regime or program to ensure consistent fat loss.

Elliptical Cross-trainer image
Example of a cross-trainer

Cross trainers provide the ideal balance of all cardio equipment by providing low impact exercise to achieve weight loss, all the while improving overall and cardiovascular fitness.

We wanted to present to you with the best-recommended cross-trainers. To achieve that, we spent a considerable amount of time researching the products, talking to current users, gaining insight into various models available. The experiences of long term users of these cross trainer bikes have been solicited to ensure these products give you the same consistent experience they promise. Your success in getting to your fitness goals using one of these cross trainers is what we consider as our success.

If you are in a hurry, and instead would go ahead and check out one of the recommended cross-trainer exercise bikes and cross-trainer ellipticals, check the following links:

Products reviewed in detail for the UK audience:

Product DescriptionAmazon Link
XS Sports Luna Pro 2-in1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Exercise BikeCheck Price
Reebok Cross Trainer (RVON-10111BK-GX40)Check Price
Sportstech Cross Trainers CX625/CX608 – Elliptical trainerCheck Price
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Elliptical Cross TrainerCheck Price
JLL? CT300 Home Elliptical Cross TrainerCheck Price
Elliptical Cross-Trainers UK Reviewed

Although not reviewed in detail in this post, we do recommend the following cross-trainers for our North American audience based on our extensive research:

Product DescriptionAmazon Link
Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and EllipticalCheck Price
Goplus 2 In 1 Elliptical Fan Bike Dual Cross Trainer Machine
Exercise Workout Home Gym
Check Price
Body Champ 3-in-1 Trio TrainerCheck Price
Sunny Health & Fitness Recumbent Bike SF-RB4631 with Arm
Check Price
HCI Fitness Physiotrainer CXT Fully Assembled Recumbent Cross
Check Price
Plasma Fit Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer 2 in 1 Exercise BikeCheck Price
Elliptical Cross-Trainers US Reviewed

Before we go to our detailed reviews of the above-recommended exercise bike cross-trainers, the following table shows a comparison of all elliptical cross-trainers reviewed in this post. This will help you to see the features side by side.

Comparison Table for the Best Elliptical Cross-Trainer Bikes

Feature/ProductXS Sports
Luna Pro
GX50 Series
Sunny Health
FlywheelData Not
9 kg24 kgN/A5.5 kg
DisplayBasic5.75″ LCD4.75″ LCDBasicBasic
Resistance LevelsAdjustable32 Electronic16 ElectricNo8 Manual
Pulse Sensors?????
WorkoutsN/A12 Preset +
3 Target
22 Preset +
Max. User Weight110 kg120 kg110 kg100 kg100 kg
USB input?
FootplatesExtra wide
Slip Resistant
Slip Resistant,
Comparison Table for the Best Elliptical Cross-Trainer Bikes

XS Sports Luna Pro 2-in-1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Exercise Bike

XS Sports Luna Pro (More images: Click Here)

Cutting edge research into fitness technology merged with premium design principles is what you see when you are considering XS Sports Luna Pro 2-in-1 elliptical cross trainer exercise bike.

XS Sports promises that their equipment undergoes a countless number of hours of research and development. This R&D includes extensive consultation with athletes and sports scientists. XS Sports want to be the world leader in home fitness with their dedication to excellence.

Not only we agree that XS Sports is a company that stands behind its promise and products, but we also found that this elliptical cross trainer exercise bike has reason to be in top position in our recommended cross-trainers list.

Important Features

There are a few unique features that would make this cross trainer exercise bike (elliptical). The bi-directional movement helps quad and hamstring training. Top of the line cardio and distance sensors help to measure your practice. The cross trainer exercise equipment also comes with an onboard calorie counter.

Strength and Durability

This 2-in-1 cross trainer bike is made from heavy-duty materials and designed to hold users up to 110 kgs. Users using this cross trainer bike for the long term have reported impressive durability. Some found this equipment to be on the heavier side, especially if you are installing it in an apartment setting.

Front mounted flywheel provides added stability to this cross trainer elliptical.

Safety Certification & Storage

This indoor cycling bike is tested and meets all required certification requirements such as CE certified. Seniors and physically limited users can use this cross-trainer with no issues. This bike features built-in wheels attached to the front bar, allowing you to move it for storage. However, my recommendation, considering the weight of this equipment, is not to push it frequently unless required.

Other Important Features

XS Sports Luna Pro Cross Trainer Elliptical Handlebars
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars – this means all users of different heights can use this cross trainer bike with ease
  • Extra-wide footplates – this is a very thoughtful design element. This feature will give more stability even during an intense workout
  • The frame is made with solid steel, and this cross trainer can withstand user weight up to 110 kg (242 lbs)
  • Chain driven flywheel for smooth rides along fully adjustable resistance levels for high & low-intensity workouts
  • Precise monitoring that provides pulse spent calories, time, speed, and distance. All nicely displayed on the advanced LCD
  • Assembly instructions and required tools are provided


LCD Console


  • Can be used as a cross trainer or exercise bike
  • Added stability achieved by front-mounted flywheel
  • Multiple muscle groups can be targeted such as legs, hips, buttocks, arms & shoulders
  • Total body low-impact cardio workout in the comfort of your own home
  • Moving stride bars for upper body workouts


  • No downloadable assembly instructions (PDF)
  • A little noisy but not overly, and noise is very much acceptable

Customer Review:

I’m extremely satisfied with this. As a student athlete with a side hustle, I live in a dorm, so it’s a bit heavy to take up to my room, but very easy to put together. The instructions were very easy to follow, and it doesn’t create loud noises when in use.


For its price, XS Sports Luna Pro 2-in-1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Exercise Bike would be an excellent choice for your home gym equipment. This trainer would be a great addition, especially if you are looking for entry-level pricing. Don?t let the low price deceive you, and this cross trainer bike is all equipped to give you the full-body workout you seek.

Reebok Cross Trainer

Reebok Elliptical Cross Trainer
Reebok Cross Trainer (More images: Click Here)

Surely, you must have heard about Reebok and its products. While many users are very familiar with their shoes and other products, you may be surprised to know that Reebok makes modern home gym equipment such as cardio equipment under Reebok Fitness. They make treadmills, exercise bikes (most exercise bikes are unavailable at the time of this writing due to high demand during COVID-19), cross trainers, and rowers.

Reebok produces three different series of elliptical cross-trainers: GX40 One Series, GX50 One Series, and ZR8. All three trainers are top-rated, however, GX50 One Series stands out and; reviewed and recommended here. Before we present the review, the following quick table would show you the main differences between these three.

Description/ModelGX40 SeriesGX50 SeriesReebok ZR8
Flywheel7 kg9 kg9 kg
Display5.75″ LCD5.75″ LCD5.75″ LCD
Resistance Levels8 Manual32 Electronic32 Electronic
Pulse Sensors???
Workouts3 Target12 Preset + 3 Target12 Preset + 3 Target
Max User Weight110 kg120 kg120 kg
USB Input?
FootplatesSlip Resistant,
Slip Resistant,
Slip Resistant
Comparison of all Reebok Cross Trainer Models

Now, back to GX50 One Series. Reebok promises that GX50 One Series elliptical cross-trainer will help you to take your workouts to the next level. This cross trainer is best suited for your home gym to aid in your cardio betterment. Not only helping you to improve your workout, but this cross trainer also makes your workout very easy from start to the end with all the features it provides.

Important Features

GX50 elliptical cross-trainer weighs 58 kgs and comes with integrated transport wheels. This feature enables you to move it around in the home gym. With its stable premium build quality, GX50 can withstand a maximum user weight of 120 kg (18 stone approximately).

Let us look at all those essential features of this elliptical cross-trainer that helped to make it to our recommended cross-trainer.


Reebok Cross Trainer Flywheel

The GX50 One Series is equipped with a 9 kg flywheel that provides a fluid motion. This smoothness results in a minimal joint impact. Rest assured, you will get a challenging workout, albeit one that is smooth and quiet. This feature is ideal both for those users who are seeking a low impact form of a workout as well as for home gym use.

The intensity and Preset Programs

This is another area where GX50 shines better than most in the market.

Reebok Elliptical Cross Trainer
Reebok Elliptical

You can change and adapt your work at various levels of intensity as you prefer. This cross-trainer elliptical offers 32 levels of electronic resistance. Note that this is electronic, meaning, you can pick any intensity level by touch. This is different for GX40, for example, which provides a manual setting to change the resistance. On GX50, you select the resistance you want on the console. A word of advice is to easy into higher levels of resistance based on your current fitness level.

Besides, there are 20 different preset fitness programs available and built into the console. Reebok contends that their master trainers designed these programs to keep you motivated and vary from a gentle exercise to a challenging mountain climb.

One Series Console

Elliptical Cross Trainer Console (Reebok)
One Series Console

A sleek, backlit display (5.75″ LCD) enables you to change the resistance levels as well as change pre-set programs. Also, you would be able to monitor your time, distance, heart rate, calories burned. Looking at these numbers will vastly help you track your fitness progress.

Mind you, for consistent fitness progress, tracking your progress via numbers is an essential step that you should not neglect. Without tracking, you will end up with inconsistent progress.

Other Important Features

  • Integrated hand pulse sensors that measure the live heart rate data
  • Comes with transportation wheels, bottle holder, and a USB charger
  • Features cushioned footplates that can be easily adjusted to match your stride length
  • The handlebars (both the dual-action and fixed) have a soft, sweat-resistance surface
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions, UK helpline to provide help if needed
  • 2-year parts and labour warranty
  • The GX50 cross-trainer measures 145 (L) x 59 (W) x 171 (H) cm



  • Total body low-impact cardio workout in the comfort of your own home
  • 32 levels of resistance and 20 different pre-set fitness programs
  • Allows you to pedal backwards
  • Comfortable, and fluid workout experience
  • Quiet operation so can be used even during the night
  • Online chat and UK helpline for assisting the assembly


  • No downloadable assembly instructions (PDF)
  • A little noisy but not overly, and noise is very much acceptable

Customer Review:

Over the last few years, I tried a few and bought a few cross-trainers. When I am looking for a sturdy elliptical cross-trainer, one with a reasonable cost, and good features, I always choose Reebok. The best thing about Reebok is their unparalleled support


As heard from many users and reviewers of Reebook GX50 cross-trainer, this is an excellent choice if you are looking a sturdy, feature-rich cross-trainer. This trainer got all essential features packed into a nice package. It looks beautiful, works great and will surely deliver the results that you are looking for.

Assembling Reebook cross-trainer is easy, great customer support. Some may find it a bit high in the price, however, rest assured the time will fly working out on this beautiful, yet efficient cross-trainer.

Sportstech Cross Trainer (CX625)

Sportstech CX-625 Elliptical Cross-Trainer
Sportstech CX-625 Elliptical Cross-Trainer (More images: Click Here)

Are you looking for the highest quality? but at a reasonable price? How about a cross-trainer that is German made and available in the UK?

That is right, in Sportstech cross-trainer, you are getting all that. Sportstech is one of the fastest-growing home fitness brands in Germany. They boast that they stand by the quality of their products and fair prices. In this cross-trainer, you will experience a culmination of functionality, design and innovative technology.

In this price range, Sportstech offers two different models of cross-trainers: CX625 and CX608. Although they are close models, there are specific differences between them. For this review, we chose to research and present CX625 as we believe it is a better cross-trainer than CX608.

Training with this cross-trainer is ideal for a full-body workout. Exercising on this machine improves your cardio, movement coordination, strengthens lower body muscle groups. Cross-trainers are known for their low impact, joint-friendly workouts.

Sportstech cross-trainer (CX625) provides 22 pre-set programs. This elliptical cross-trainer pro training with heart rate belt and using HRC function. However, it is worth to note that this belt needs to be purchased separately and not included with the purchase of the cross-trainer

Important Features

Connectivity of Sportstech elliptical cross trainer
Connectivity of Sportstech Cross Trainer

Sportstech CX625 comes with a unique feature. This cross-trainer bike allows you to connect the machine with the Kinomap via Bluetooth. This popular workout app allows to virtually train al over the world by using thousands of videos that are available. You can connect and train along with your friends, challenge them and share your achievements. You can train under life-like outdoor conditions, also with features such as the coaching mode or the streaming function.

Let us look at all some of the important features of this elliptical cross-trainer that makes it to our recommended cross-trainers list.


Sportstech CX625 is equipped with a better quality 3-piece crank system. The 3-piece crank system gives low weight, quick assembly and best zesting movement in use. This kind of crank system transfers force (energy) more efficiently thus giving a very smooth movement. The modular design of this trainer makes the parts interchangeable and aides in increasing the durability of fitness equipment.


This cross-trainer elliptical sports a 24 kg flywheel with a grooved belt drive system. The flywheel also consists of the transmission ratio for the drive pulley. The elliptical provides a natural running movement which is smooth not to strain your joints. No choppy, jerky movements on this cross-trainer.

Thanks to the grooved belt drive system, this system requires zero to low maintenance, offers quiet workout without any irregular pedalling.

Smart Console

Smart console of sportstech cross trainer bike
Smart Console

A multi-function console that shows all the important information such as speed, distance, burnt calories, time, heart rate, level and which current program you are using. All the settings can easily be set. This console has connectivity to your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth. This gives you the ability to control everything from your personal device.

Magnetic Resistance

Adjusting the resistance via the touch-based console is very easy. There are 16 different levels of resistance is offered. Cross-trainers with magnetic resistance offer more consistent resistance and a granular level adjustability. This is a good match for high-intensity workouts.

Based on your current fitness levels and desired goals, determine the intensity that you need to train and adjust the resistance accordingly. Many users try to work out in fat burning zones i.e. at a specific range of heart rate.

Other Important Features

  • Maximum user weights of up to 110 kg
  • Comes with bottle holder and transportation wheels
  • The CX625 is equipped with large anti-slip pedals for stability
  • Mains powered. Compatible to UK mains.
  • The dimensions of assembled product (LxWxH): 1410 x 650 x 1650 mm.
  • Tools required for assembly are provided
  • User manual in multiple languages (DE/ENG/FR/IT/ES)
  • 2-year warranty


Customer review

Quick delivery. Easy assembly via the QR code user manual. This cross-trainer is perfect for home gym users. Not professional gym standard, but for regular, home users like me. Resistance can be precisely adjusted. Low weight and with transportation wheels, I was able to move between rooms. Not high-end as those would be for a price tag of more than ?1000.


  • Connectivity with popular apps such as Kinomap allowing you to train with your friends
  • Sturdy, and stable design
  • Quiet operation due to the grooved belt drive system
  • A large number of pre-set programs (22)
  • Smart interface through the console and can connect to your smartphone or tablet
  • Can be used as a cross-trainer bike with Google street view


  • 5 heart-rate based (HRC) programs available only by using pulse belt (Not included, need to buy separately)
  • Assembly is slightly intensive. If squeaking is developed, you will have to locate the source and may have to loosen the bolts a bit.


Sportstech CX625 is a fine elliptical cross-trainer for home fitness needs. The cross-trainer offers all the necessary features and functions for fitness progress. Best of all, it offers connectivity to popular fitness apps allowing you to use the machine in different modes such as videos, coaching and multiplayer mode with your friends. This cross-trainer elliptical will be an excellent choice to add to your home gym.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Elliptical Cross Trainer Air Walk Trainer Glider

Sunny Health & Fitness Air Walker Cross Trainer (More images: Click Here)

Sunny Health & Fitness is a popular fitness equipment company both in North America and Europe. The company is in business for over a decade and carries top of the notch fitness equipment as evidenced by top ratings received on Amazon (multiple country websites) and elsewhere as well.

Sunny as a company is one of my personal favourites and I enjoy reviewing their products be it from categories such as exercise bikes, water rowing machine rowers, treadmills and finally elliptical cross-trainers.

Sunny healthy & fitness SF-E902 is more an air walk trainer than an elliptical cross-trainer. It adds an interesting element to the equipment to differentiate itself from others. It offers you the total full-body workout training both your arms and legs at the same time. It is quiet enough that you can watch a program on a TV and still carry out your exercise. Another great feature is that this a foldable cross-trainer. How cool is that? Did I mention it is lightweight?

For our 4th cross-trainer recommendation on this, we went with a cross-trainer from a known brand such as Sunny Health as well as a cross-trainer that offers a slightly different full-body routine compared to other cross-trainers in the market. We ensured it has all the essential features that you would seek in a cross-trainer.

Important Features

In terms of features, Sunny elliptical cross-trainer offers only those features that you would need for an adequate training session. Nothing more and nothing less. This is not to say you will miss any important features, on the contrary, you will have very effective workouts on this machine.

Digital Monitor

Digital monitor of Cross Trainer air walker from Sunny Fitness
Digital Monitor

Like many cross-trainers, this cross-trainer sports a small battery (included) operated LCD monitor. It is small compared to others, but proportional to the size of the elliptical. It enables you to track your progress by displaying the distance, time and calories burnt. A scan mode allows you to scan the whole workout.

Non-Slip Foot Pedals

Foot pedals that are non-slip are way more important than you would think. Especially, when you are moving at faster speeds, you would want to ensure that the balance and stability are maintained. This needs to be for all body parts and especially for feet. The safe footing is paramount during vigorous workouts. This is an excellent feature offered by Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Stride Length

This cross-trainer elliptical/air walker provides 76 cm of stride length. This is the length that your legs will move forward and backwards.

With this longer stride length, you can move your legs longer distance and thus work out your glutes, thighs and calves. This length also allows you to train your hamstrings and other deep muscles

Foldable Cross Trainer from Sunny Health & Fitness
Sunny Cross Trainer foldable

Other Important Features

  • Foldable to save space. You can fold the product and pedals up to half of its size ( (15 in x 19 in x 61.5 in)
  • User weight up to 100 kg
  • Built-in programs
  • The abdominal pad  provides support and comfort


Customer review

I am so happy I bought this. My available space is limited and this cross-trainer, fortunately, does not up a lot of space. The most you can go with these pedals is size 8 (my size). Most importantly, I like to use it quite often as it feels like going on a gentle stroll.


  • Foldability. You can fold SF-E902 into almost half of its size, and this a major plus
  • Quiet operation allowing you to even watch a tv working out
  • Abdominal support that is adjustable


  • Although the specification says it can accommodate a user with weight up to 100 kg, some users found that is not the case.


The elliptical cross-trainer air walker from Sunny Health & Fitness will be an excellent choice if you are looking for a no-frills machine that can provide a good workout. This cross-trainer comes with all the essential features and functions that would make you enjoy your exercise regularly. It is foldable, thus taking less space than any other elliptical, and considering how quiet the machine is you can even use it in the living room watching your favourite tv show.

JLL? CT300 Home Elliptical Cross Trainer

CT 300 Cross Trainer
JLL CT300 (More images: Click Here)

JLL fitness is another successful company in the fitness equipment market. When it comes to cardio, JLL makes all varieties of fitness equipment be rowers or elliptical cross-trainers. JLL Fitness LTD is located in Birmingham and asserts that customer satisfaction is their no.1 priority in this business.

Space-saving and quiet operation are hallmarks of any excellent cross-trainer, and JLL CT300 elliptical cross trainer certainly meets both of these requirements to be on this list.

Both stylish and durable, this cross-trainer comes with all the essential and excellent features that we come to expect from these top sellers in cross-trainers. JLL products consistently come up as best sellers on various platforms such as Amazon.

Important Features

Although guaranteed to come with all the necessary features, we must list all the elements so that you make an informed decision buying a cross-trainer.


JLL CT300 sports a 55 kg flywheel that ensures you get a challenging yet a smooth workout. The flywheel is the bi-directional meaning you can pedal in both directions. Research has shown that pedalling in both directions works out more muscles and helps achieve quick progress.

Belt Driven

The secret behind the quiet performance from this cross-trainer is because of the belt-driven system employed in this equipment. Belt driven systems also provide a smooth ride as the pedalling power is transmitted efficiently to the flywheel.

LCD Console

LCD console of JLL CT300 Elliptical Cross Trainer
LCD Console

The LCD monitor displays all the required measurements, such as speed, distance, time, temperature, heart rate, calories burnt. The LCD shows eight different functions in total.

Dual Action Handlebars

JLL CT300 elliptical cross-trainer comes with dual action handlebars. There is a set of handlebars that you can hold to workout your upper body and arms. There is another set with inbuilt heart rate sensors that are connected to the console. These sensors supposed to show body fat & pulse recovery. However, we could not independently confirm about body fat, and pulse recovery readings and their accuracy.

Other Important Features

Measurements of JLL CT300 Cross Trainer
Measurements of JLL CT300

  • Eight levels of magnetic resistance levels
  • Maximum user weight up to 100 kg
  • The monitor can be used as a tablet holder
  • Non-slip footplates
  • The steel frame ensures great A build quality
  • Attached transportation wheels


Customer review:

This is a great addition to my small gym. This cross-trainer is a very sturdy machine with real smooth action. It is helping me to get back into regular physical activity post my knee surgery


  • Sturdy and stable frame
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Ergonomic design
  • Double action handlebars
  • Bi-directional pedalling


  • No pre-set programs as per the info available
  • Few customer issues reported by a few users


All in all, JLL CT300 cross-trainer is packed with all the essential features you might need in a cross-trainer. It provides smooth and quiet workouts, which are a must for home use. Many users have reported using it post joint surgeries to recovery successfully. The low joint impact workouts are a plus with this cross-trainer. It is a wise investment to add this elliptical cross-trainer to your home gym.


Elliptical cross-trainers and cross-trainer bikes provide low joint impact workouts that are best suited to get a full-body exercise routine. Cross-trainers provide aerobic workouts, giving you all the benefits of walking, running skiing. They help you stretch as well. This is without any jarring impacts or damaging movements to your body.

Cross-trainer ellipticals are unique fitness machines and are ideal for small spaces and for those that seek fitness equipment that makes minimal noise. The elliptical motion is continuous, and at no time you feet leave the pedals reducing noise like treadmills.

We researched the top 5 best cross-trainer elliptical offerings in the UK market and thoroughly reviewed them for you. Great fitness journies involve some excellent fitness equipment. With these reviews and recommendations, we strive to help you to make the right choice for your next cross-trainer.

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